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  1. axon hillock
  2. nodes and internodes
  3. microglia
  4. type B fibers
  5. action potential (nerve impulses)
  1. a -myelinated
    -medium diameter
    -medium speed
    -carry intermediate signals
    -e.g. sensory information, peripheral effectors
  2. b -'switch' - if info is strong enough, switch is turned on
  3. c internodes - myelinated segments of axon
    nodes - gaps between internodes; where axons may branch
  4. d -are transmitted from presynaptic neuron
    -to postsynaptic neuron (or other postsynaptic cell)
    -across a synapse
  5. e -migrate through neural tissue
    -clean up cellular debri, waste products, and pathogens

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  1. functions are to process and coordinate:
    -sensory data: from inside and outside body
    -motor commands: control activities of peripheral organs (e.g. skeletal muscles)
    -higher functions of brain: intelligence, memory, learning, emotion
  2. -controls contractions of smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glandular secretions
    -sympathetic division
    -parasympathetic division
  3. -carries motor commands
    -from CNS to PNS muscles and glands

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  1. three types of sensory receptorsbased on what kind of stimulus they respond to
    interoceptor - monitor internal systems; internal senses
    exteroceptors - external sense; distance senses (vision, hearing)
    proprioceptor - monitor position and movement


  2. neurotransmitter-chemical messengers
    -affect receptors of postsynaptic membrane


  3. somacell body


  4. periodsbranched


  5. graded potentials-differing ionic concentrations between cytosol and extracellular fluid
    -selectively permeable membrane
    -transport mechanisms


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