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  1. axon
  2. synaptic delay
  3. perikaryon
  4. intro to neuroglia
  5. ganglia
  1. a -masses of neuron cell bodies
    -surrounded by neuroglia
    -found in PNS
  2. b neuroplasm
  3. c carries electrical signal (action potential) to target
  4. d -fewer synapses mean faster response
    -reflexes may involve only one synapse
  5. e

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  1. -all plasma (cell) membranes produce electrical signals by ion movements
    -transmembrane potential is particularly important to neurons
  2. excitatory neurotransmitters -
    -cause depolarization of postsynaptic membranes
    -promote action potentials

    inhibitory neurotransmitters -
    -cause hyperpolarization of postsynaptic membranes
    -suppres action potentials
  3. -'switch' - if info is strong enough, switch is turned on
  4. based on what kind of stimulus they respond to
    interoceptor - monitor internal systems; internal senses
    exteroceptors - external sense; distance senses (vision, hearing)
    proprioceptor - monitor position and movement

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  1. interneurons-cells that provide brain power
    -most located in brain, spinal cord, autonomic ganglia
    -between sensory and motor neurons


  2. neuroglia in the CNS


  3. somarefractory period -

    absolute refractory period -
    -sodium channels open or inactivated
    -no action potential possible; gates locked closed

    relative refractory period -
    -membrane potential almost normal
    -resistant to opening but w/ large stimulus can open


  4. axoplasmic transport-neurotubules within the axon
    -transport raw materials
    -between cell body and synaptic knob
    -powered by mitochondra, kenesin, and dynein (molecules that do the physical moving)


  5. neuronalso, glial cells
    cells that support and protect neurons


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