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  1. events in the functioning of a cholinergic synapse
  2. temporal summation
  3. effect of a neurotransmitter
  4. synaptic terminals
  5. efferent division
  1. a
  2. b -carries motor commands
    -from CNS to PNS muscles and glands
  3. c -multiple times
    -rapid, repeated stimuli at one synapse
  4. d on a postsynaptic membrane -
    -depends on the receptor
    -not on the neurotransmitter

    E.G. acetylcholine (ACh) -
    -usually promotes action potentials
    -but inhibits cardiac neuromuscular junctions
  5. e also, synaptic knobs
    -neuromuscular junction
    -tips of telodenria
    -contain synaptic vesicles of neurotransmitters

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  1. any synapse that releases ACh
    -all neuromuscular junctions with skeletal muscle fibers
    -many synapses in CNS
    -all neuron-to-neuron synapses in PNS
    -all neuromuscular and neuroglandular junctions of ANS parasymphathetic division
  2. branched
  3. resting potential - transmembrane portential of resting cell
    graded potential - temporary, localized change in resting potential
    action potential - electrical impulse; produces by graded potential; propagates along surface of axon to synapse
    synaptic activity - releases neurotransmitters at presynaptic membrane; produces graded potentials in postsynaptic membrane
    information processing - response (integration of stimuli) of postsynaptic cell
  4. -surrounds ganglia
    -regulate environment around neuron

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  1. type A fibers-myelinated
    -large diameter
    -high speed
    -carry rapid information to/from CNS
    -e.g. position, balance, touch, motor impulses


  2. graded potentialsgraded potentials developed in a postsynaptic cell
    -in response to neurotransmitters


  3. type C fibers-unmyelinated
    -small diameter
    -slow speed
    -carry slower information
    -e.g. involuntary muscle, gland controls


  4. two types of postsynaptic potentialsneuron - perform all communication, information processing, control functions of nervous system
    neuroglia - momma cells, nourish, clean up others; preserve physical and biochemical structure of neural tissue and are essential to survival and function of neurons


  5. neural responses to injuries-limited by chemicals released by astrocytes that
    -block growth
    -produce scar tissue


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