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  1. oligodendrocytes
  2. synaptic terminals
  3. bipolar neurons
  4. schwann cells
  5. four types of neuroglia in CNS
  1. a -found in special sensory organs; fairly rare
    -one dendrite, one axon
  2. b -form myelin sheath (a layer)
    -many ~ sheath entire exon
  3. c -processes contact other neuron cell bodies
    -wrap around axons to form myelin sheaths
  4. d ependymal cells
  5. e also, synaptic knobs
    -neuromuscular junction
    -tips of telodenria
    -contain synaptic vesicles of neurotransmitters

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  1. cell body
  2. -increasing the negativity of the resting potential
    -result of opening a potassium channel
    -opposite effect of opening a sodium channel
    -positive ions move out, not into the cell
  3. -'switch' - if info is strong enough, switch is turned on
  4. cells that send and receive signals
  5. refractory period -

    absolute refractory period -
    -sodium channels open or inactivated
    -no action potential possible; gates locked closed

    relative refractory period -
    -membrane potential almost normal
    -resistant to opening but w/ large stimulus can open

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  1. electrochemical gradients for potassium and sodium ions-limited by chemicals released by astrocytes that
    -block growth
    -produce scar tissue


  2. myelinationneuroplasm


  3. intro to neurogliaalso, glial cells
    cells that support and protect neurons


  4. peripheral nerves-cells that provide brain power
    -most located in brain, spinal cord, autonomic ganglia
    -between sensory and motor neurons


  5. synapsepresynaptic cell - neuron that sends message
    postsynaptic cell - cell that receives message
    synaptic cleft - small gap that separates the presynaptic membrane and the postsynaptic membrane


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