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  1. Canon Law
  2. Benedictine Rule
  3. Chain Mail
  4. Treaty of Verdun
  5. Secular
  1. a Obedience, poverty, Chastity, day divided into work, worship, and study
  2. b Full body armor worn in battle
  3. c Non- religious
  4. d Church version of Sharia Law
  5. e Charlemagne's heirs split the Empire into three regions

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  1. Mounted soldiers serving under a lord
  2. Pop was supreme head of everyone on Earth
  3. Took over of their husband was gone
  4. Ordained member of religion
  5. Basic economic system of the Middle Ages was the Serf working the lord's land in exchange for protection

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  1. DiocleationDivided the empire into two parts


  2. GuildsA grant of land that comes with a serf


  3. MedievalLatin word for Middle Ages


  4. SerfA member of the lowest feudal class, attached to the land owned by a lords and required to perform labor for certain legal or customary rights


  5. Fife10% of tax to the Church


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