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  1. Tithe
  2. Clergy
  3. Nobility
  4. Sacraments
  5. Knight
  1. a Of Family tie to the royals
  2. b 7 special blessings, help your passage to heaven
  3. c 10% of tax to the Church
  4. d Ordained member of religion
  5. e Mounted soldiers serving under a lord

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  1. Fought in France in 732, fought between the Muslims and the Frankish army
  2. Full body armor worn in battle
  3. Groups created to cooperate in protecting shared economic interests
  4. Expert sailors from Scandinavia
  5. Basic economic system of the Middle Ages was the Serf working the lord's land in exchange for protection

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  1. MedievalLatin word for Middle Ages


  2. ScandinaviaChurch version of Sharia Law


  3. Benedictine RuleLatin word for Middle Ages


  4. Jesus ChristThe Christian Messiah, or savior


  5. Canon LawChurch version of Sharia Law


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