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  1. Benedictine Rule
  2. The Battle of Tours
  3. The Franks
  4. Clergy
  5. Knight
  1. a Ordained member of religion
  2. b Mounted soldiers serving under a lord
  3. c Conquered Gaul
  4. d Obedience, poverty, Chastity, day divided into work, worship, and study
  5. e Fought in France in 732, fought between the Muslims and the Frankish army

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  1. The campaign by Europeans Christians to dive the Muslims from present- day- Spain (Ferdinand and Isabella)
  2. A grant of land that comes with a serf
  3. The Christian Messiah, or savior
  4. Liege Lord
  5. Took over of their husband was gone

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  1. GuildsA grant of land that comes with a serf


  2. ManoralismChurch version of Sharia Law


  3. Papal SupremacyPop was supreme head of everyone on Earth


  4. Treaty of VerdunLiege Lord


  5. Chain MailChurch version of Sharia Law


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