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  1. Zajonc-confluence theory
  2. 6 months
  3. Reliability
  4. zygote
  5. Validity
  1. a fertilized egg (20 min for fertilization)
  2. b crawling, sitting, voluntary grasping
  3. c -consistency
    -alternate form
    -varies 10 points
  4. d family size affects intelligence
  5. e ability of test to measure what its supposed to

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  1. Flow of info during mental tasks
  2. Several pieces of info and put them into one single solution
  3. -when test scores are correlated with a criterion that cannot be measured until some time in the future
    -IQ and future grades
  4. get along with people
  5. 12 pt difference

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  1. Spearman's g-factor-General
    -Applies to all mental tasks


  2. Gardener's Multiple Intelligence-spatialwrite and read music


  3. Gardener's Multiple Intelligence-social perceptionget along with people


  4. 6-7 monthscrawling, sitting, voluntary grasping


  5. nurture-monozygotic(ID) raised togetherdifferent IQs/ 6pt difference


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