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  1. Pauper
  2. Terse
  3. Illegible
  4. Dilemma
  5. Cumbersome
  1. a clumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving
  2. b difficult or impossible to read
  3. c brief and to the point
  4. d a difficult or perplexing situation or problem
  5. e an extremely poor person

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  1. average, ordinary, undistinguished
  2. (v) to make fun of rudely or unkindly;(n) a rude remark of derision
  3. having a pleasing appearance
  4. the process of driving or forcing out
  5. (n) a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense;(v) to make a deceptive movement; to make a pretense of

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  1. Diffusescattered fragments, wreckage


  2. Usurpto seize and hold a position by force


  3. Semblanceto wipe out; to keep oneself from being noticed


  4. Marauderan extremely poor person


  5. Predisposeto incline to beforehand


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