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  1. Subjugate
  2. Exorcise
  3. Debris
  4. Altercation
  5. Dissent
  1. a scattered fragments, wreckage
  2. b to conquer by force, bring under complete control
  3. c (v) to disagree; (n) disagreement
  4. d an angry argument
  5. e to drive out by magic; to dispose of something troublesome, menacing, or oppressive

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  1. resembling an angel portrayed as a little child with a beautiful, round, or chubby face; sweet and innocent
  2. a likeness, an outward appearance, an apparition
  3. to tease, torment by teasing
  4. (v) to make a mess of, to get by; (n) a hopeless mess
  5. a difficult or perplexing situation or problem

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  1. Unbridledto make shorter


  2. Obesityexcessive fatness


  3. Lucrativenot regular or consistent; different from what is ordinarily expected; undependable


  4. Alien(v) to make fun of rudely or unkindly;(n) a rude remark of derision


  5. Illegibledifficult or impossible to read


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