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  1. Rift
  2. Commandeer
  3. Relinquish
  4. Eminent
  5. Dissolute
  1. a famous, outstanding, distinguished, projecting
  2. b to let go, give up
  3. c to seize for military or official use
  4. d a split, break, breach
  5. e loose in one's morals or behavior

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  1. brief and to the point
  2. to make shorter
  3. (v) to spread or scatter freely or widely;(adj) long-winded, unfocused
  4. to incline to beforehand
  5. careful, cautious

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  1. Salvage(v) to save from fire or shipwreck;(n) property thus saved


  2. Perennial(adj) lasting for a long time, persistent;(n) a plant that lives for many years


  3. Paupera raider, plunderer


  4. Jeera split, break, breach


  5. Exorciseto strengthen; build up


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