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  1. When these nuclei in the plasma collide they join together and form larger nuclei and release huge amounts of ___________
  2. WHere do the elements come from?
  3. The horizontal rows are called _________
  4. THe matter in the sun and its planets originally came from a gigantic _________
  5. From left to right the _________- of elements in a period change in a pattern
  1. a periods
  2. b properties
  3. c stars
  4. d energy
  5. e supernova

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  1. beryllium
  2. groups
  3. pattern
  4. a supernova
  5. hydrogen

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  1. By 1869 how many elements had been discovered?stars


  2. In the sun when isotopes of hydrogen fuse they make nuclei of ______helium


  3. What is nuclear fusion?a state of matter that is gas-like and is made of free electrons and nuclei of atoms without electrons


  4. THe elements in the same group have ________ characteristicssimilar


  5. In 1869 _________ published the first periodic table with ______ elements and three missing elements?families


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