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  1. What happens to the heavy elements that a supernove creates?
  2. The verticals columns are called _________
  3. Helium builds up in the sun's core and one or two helium nuclei fuse and form _________
  4. Like many stars, the sun is made of mostly which element?
  5. In the sun when isotopes of hydrogen fuse they make nuclei of ______
  1. a hydrogen
  2. b groups
  3. c beryllium
  4. d they are blown of into space as the star burns out
  5. e helium

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  1. iron.
  2. pattern
  3. (1)atomic number (number of protons), (2) chemical symbol (3) name (4) atomic mass
  4. plasma
  5. similar

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  1. How did Mendeleev arrange the elements?a supernova


  2. What is atomic mass?the average mass of all the isotopes of an element


  3. Dmitri Mendeleev discovered a set of __________ applied to all the elements.patterns


  4. What are groups in the periodic table sometimes called?stars


  5. Who discovered a way to measure the positive charge ( the atomic number) on an atom's nucleus?families


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