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  1. a tool
  2. feel free
  3. piece of cake
  4. puke
  5. have a ball
  1. a an annoying person
  2. b to vomit
  3. c very easy
  4. d go right ahead
  5. e have a good time

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  1. the dead body of a human being
  2. to extend or expand one's activities or interests
  3. the ability to recognize right from wrong
  4. a dead body
  5. mental deterioration of organic or functional origin

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  1. OBGYNa girl who behaves in a boyish manner


  2. go grab a beeran offensive remark aimed at one's race


  3. small talkcaught or fixed


  4. consciousbeneath the level of conscious mental awareness


  5. exacerbatemake worse


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