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  1. a tool
  2. CPR
  3. jack
  4. have a ball
  5. a second wind
  1. a in this case, a euphemism for "sh&$", i.e. nothing
  2. b an annoying person
  3. c have a good time
  4. d a sudden burst of energy after fatigue
  5. e cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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  1. a person trained to compete in sports
  2. very easy
  3. visits or checks a doctor makes on his patients
  4. beneath the level of conscious mental awareness
  5. a large number or amount

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  1. goofysilly,funny


  2. feel freego right ahead


  3. IVinstitute legal proceedings against


  4. stucka man who is virile and sexually active


  5. studa man who is virile and sexually active


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