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  1. chop chop
  2. conscience
  3. have a ball
  4. geek
  5. frazzled
  1. a hurry up
  2. b the ability to recognize right from wrong
  3. c confused, tired, or worried
  4. d a person who enjoys computers or activities that seem more intellectual
  5. e have a good time

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  1. a dull stupid person
  2. a large number or amount
  3. an annoying person
  4. beneath the level of conscious mental awareness
  5. go right ahead

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  1. CPRan insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or studying excessively


  2. sueto vomit


  3. tomboya large number or amount


  4. to branch outa girl who behaves in a boyish manner


  5. cadavercardiopulmonary resuscitation


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