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  1. newbie
  2. dork
  3. to branch out
  4. autopsy
  5. feel free
  1. a an examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease
  2. b to extend or expand one's activities or interests
  3. c someone who is just starting out in a profession
  4. d go right ahead
  5. e a dull stupid person

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  1. to vomit
  2. a large number or amount
  3. a sudden burst of energy after fatigue
  4. have a good time
  5. beneath the level of conscious mental awareness

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  1. roundsvisits or checks a doctor makes on his patients


  2. piece of cakevery easy


  3. jackin this case, a euphemism for "sh&$", i.e. nothing


  4. chop chophurry up


  5. a racial sluran offensive remark aimed at one's race


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