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  1. Banal
  2. Prescient
  3. Ambiguous
  4. Augury
  5. Arbitrary
  1. a prophecy; prediction of events
  2. b predictable; cliched; boring
  3. c determined by chance or impulse
  4. d doubtful or uncertain; can be interpreted in several different ways
  5. e having foresight

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  1. courageous; spunky
  2. severe or sten in appearance
  3. to assume as real or cenceded; propose as an explanation
  4. ancient; old-fashioned
  5. ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits

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  1. Analogoussimilar or alike in some way; equivalent to


  2. Abeyanceto humble; disgrace


  3. Pristinefresh and clean; uncorrupted


  4. Polemiccontroversy; argument; verbal attack


  5. Burgeonprophecy; prediction of events


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