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  1. Abscond
  2. Prescient
  3. Ambiguous
  4. Apostate
  5. Affected
  1. a one who renounces a religious faith
  2. b having foresight
  3. c phony; artificial
  4. d to leave secretly
  5. e doubtful or uncertain; can be interpreted in several different ways

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  1. practical, as opposed to idealistic
  2. ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits
  3. severe or sten in appearance
  4. courageous; spunky
  5. fearless and daring

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  1. Axiompremise; postulate; self-evident truth


  2. Pristinefresh and clean; uncorrupted


  3. Attenuatea monarch or ruler with great power


  4. Calumnycourageous; spunky


  5. Anomalydeviation from what is normal


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