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  1. Prevaricate
  2. Precipitate
  3. Polemic
  4. Augury
  5. Abeyance
  1. a temporary suppression or suspension
  2. b prophecy; prediction of events
  3. c controversy; argument; verbal attack
  4. d to lie or deviate from the truth
  5. e to throw violently or bring about abruptly; lacking deliberation

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  1. a lessening of pain without loss of conciousness
  2. a lie
  3. shrewd and practical in managing or dealing with things; diplomatic
  4. to cheat; defraud
  5. dignified; graceful

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  1. Ardorpremise; postulate; self-evident truth


  2. Potentateto reduce in force or degree; weaken


  3. Pluckya false and malicious accusation; misrepresentation


  4. Amortizeto dimish by installment payments


  5. Plethoracontroversy; argument; verbal attack


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