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  1. Apostate
  2. Anodyne
  3. Prescient
  4. Amulet
  5. Bilk
  1. a ornament worn as a charm against evil spirits
  2. b something that calms or soothes pain
  3. c having foresight
  4. d to cheat; defraud
  5. e one who renounces a religious faith

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  1. something out of place in time
  2. an extremely deep hole
  3. ancient; old-fashioned
  4. to annoy or provoke to anger
  5. a speaker of many languages

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  1. Approbationto claim without justification


  2. Positto assume as real or cenceded; propose as an explanation


  3. Ameliorateto make better


  4. Amortizeone who renounces a religious faith


  5. Articulateable to speak clearly and expressively


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