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  1. city- state in Ancient Greece with democracy, high trade, and agriculture
  2. a philosopher who devolped the Socratic method: learning about beliefs and ideas by asking questions
  3. conquered people around the Mediterranean Sea and spread Greek Culture and developed
  4. a great generaland democrat who led Athens
  5. to think in an ordely way
  6. a philosopher who believed government should control lives of people

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  1. Peloponnesian Wara great generaland democrat who led Athens


  2. Parthenona temple in Athens that was built to honor the goddess, Athena


  3. Euclidcity- state


  4. Hellenismwas a culture that was a blend of Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian cultures


  5. Dramaplays of comedy and tragedy performed on stage


  6. Classical Culturefounded in Greece; Greek Era and Rome; includes drama art, art and architecture


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