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  1. a great generaland democrat who led Athens
  2. a war against Sparta and Athens which weaked Athens and caused it to lose its empire
  3. a warlike city- state; was strict and was ruled by a few people; citizens had no say in government
  4. plays of comedy and tragedy performed on stage
  5. rule where people voted on laws as citizens
  6. a Greek mathematician who started geometry

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  1. realismwhen art resembles real life


  2. Athensa temple in Athens that was built to honor the goddess, Athena


  3. Poliswhen art resembles real life


  4. Alexander the Greatconquered people around the Mediterranean Sea and spread Greek Culture and developed


  5. Aristotlecity- state in Ancient Greece with democracy, high trade, and agriculture


  6. Reasona philosopher who believed government should control lives of people


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