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  1. Velocity
  2. Negative velocity
  3. Conduction
  4. Which temperature scale can be used for calculations in science?
  5. inertia
  1. a the direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching
  2. b Kelvins
  3. c speed and direction
  4. d objects in motion tend to stay in the same motion; objects at rest tend to stay at rest
  5. e object moving backwards

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  1. the spreading out of waves through an opening or around the edges of an obstacle
  2. 100°C
  3. m/s² (meters per second squared)
  4. 373K
  5. the TOTAL kinetic energy of an object's particles due to non-directional motion at the atomic level

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  1. low specific heatThe price you pay (in energy) to change the temperature of something.


  2. Conduction (examples)oven, blood (circulating), furnace


  3. Examples of mechanical wavesSound, ocean waves, earthquakes


  4. Boiling point of water in °F212°F


  5. momentummass x speed


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