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  1. Examples of mechanical waves
  2. Heat
  3. Radiation
  4. refraction examples
  5. Heat flow
  1. a Sound, ocean waves, earthquakes
  2. b always goes from hot to cold
  3. c the transfer of heat by rays or waves
  4. d a straw looks "broken" when you look at it in a glass of water (because the light bends when it enters the water)
  5. e the TOTAL kinetic energy of an object's particles due to non-directional motion at the atomic level

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  1. the number of waves passing a fixed point in a certain amount of time; it is based partly on wavelength (longer wavelengths take a longer time to pass) and partly on the speed the wave travels
  2. an object at rest has ______ momentum
  3. difficult to change the temperature
  4. mass x speed
  5. sun, heat lamp

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  1. SI unit for speed/velocityobject moving forward


  2. On a distance vs. time graph, constant velocity is represented by
    straight line, positive slope


  3. Absolute Zero
    for transverse waves: the distance between the resting point (or equilibrium) to the crest or trough


  4. (distance vs. time) standing still
    frowning curve (slope gets flatter and flatter)


  5. Velocityspeed and direction


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