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  1. Acceleration is zero
  2. zero (momentum)
  3. Boiling point of water in °F
  4. Melting point of water in °F
  5. example of high specific heat
  1. a the object is not chaning speed (is not moving or is moving with constant speed)
  2. b 32°F
  3. c water
  4. d an object at rest has ______ momentum
  5. e 212°F

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  1. C + 273 = K
  2. N (Newton)
  3. stovetop, seat-warmer
  4. object is not moving
  5. sun, heat lamp

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  1. freefallthe force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching


  2. converting Fahrenheit to Kelvinmust convert to Celsius first, THEN to Kelvin


  3. Negative velocityobject moving backwards


  4. Graph: distance vs. time (slope)
    frowning curve (slope gets flatter and flatter)


  5. EM Waveelectromagnetic wave; moves energy through space (sometimes empty space, sometimes through a medium - DOES NOT REQUIRE A MEDIUM)


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