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  1. SI Unit for force
  2. Positive accelerations
  3. Examples of mechanical waves
  4. medium
  5. (distance vs. time) constant speed forward
  1. a any substance that a wave moves through
  2. b
    straight line, positive slope
  3. c N (Newton)
  4. d speed is increasing
  5. e Sound, ocean waves, earthquakes

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  1. the direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching
  2. electromagnetic wave; moves energy through space (sometimes empty space, sometimes through a medium - DOES NOT REQUIRE A MEDIUM)
  3. the bending of a wave as it enters a new medium at an angle other than 90 degrees
  4. mirror (light waves), echo (sound waves), RADAR (radio waves)
  5. the bouncing back of a wave as it strikes a barrier

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  1. example of low specific heatmetal


  2. Convection (examples)oven, blood (circulating), furnace


  3. Graph: distance vs. time (slope)slope = velocity


  4. amplitudethe AVERAGE kinetic energy of an object's particles due to non-directional motion at the atomic level


  5. interferencethe meeting and combining of waves


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