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  1. Radiation
  2. (distance vs. time) standing still
  3. Conduction (examples)
  4. 2 relationships for waves
  5. diffraction
  1. a the transfer of heat by rays or waves
  2. b 1) speed and frequency = directly proportional
    (as speed goes up, frequency goes up)
    2) wavelength and frequency = inversely proportional
    (as wavelength gets longer, frequency goes down)
  3. c
    straight line, slope = 0 (line is flat)
  4. d the spreading out of waves through an opening or around the edges of an obstacle
  5. e stovetop, seat-warmer

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  1. 1) Absolute zero is zero
    2) There are no negative temperatures
  2. the number of waves passing a fixed point in a certain amount of time; it is based partly on wavelength (longer wavelengths take a longer time to pass) and partly on the speed the wave travels
  3. an object at rest has ______ momentum
  4. 32°F
  5. the bouncing back of a wave as it strikes a barrier

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  1. example of low specific heatwater


  2. Negative accelerationsspeed is increasing


  3. EM Wavea disturbance that transfers energy from one place to another


  4. Radiation (examples)stovetop, seat-warmer


  5. freefallthe force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching


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