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  1. (distance vs. time) standing still
  2. refraction examples
  3. Melting point of water in °C
  4. interference
  5. Which temperature scale can be used for calculations in science?
  1. a Kelvins
  2. b a straw looks "broken" when you look at it in a glass of water (because the light bends when it enters the water)
  3. c 0°C
  4. d
    straight line, slope = 0 (line is flat)
  5. e the meeting and combining of waves

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  1. speed is increasing
  2. must convert to Celsius first, THEN to Kelvin
  3. when waves combine to a larger amplitude
  4. object moving backwards
  5. object is not moving

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  1. specific heatThe price you pay (in energy) to change the temperature of something.


  2. example of low specific heatmetal


  3. SI Unit for forcem/s² (meters per second squared)


  4. refractionthe spreading out of waves through an opening or around the edges of an obstacle


  5. wavea disturbance that transfers energy from one place to another


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