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  1. When putting the thermometer into the disinfectant solution what must the happen to the thermometer
  2. 48 inches
  3. 3 factors that are recorded about pulse
  4. Orthopnea
  5. What are some causes of decreased body temperature
  1. a Make sure it is completely covered with the solution, with a top on the container
  2. b rate, rhythm, volume
  3. c Severe dyspnea in which breathing is very difficult in any position other than sitting erect or standing
  4. d Starvation or fasting, sleep, decreased muscle activity, mouth breathing, exposure to cold temperatures in the environment & certain diseases.
  5. e 4 feet

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  1. Hold thermometer with one hand to take the temperature, with the other hand pull the ear pinna up and back on any child over 1 year of age and on adults. Pull the ear pinna straight back for infants under 1 year old.
  2. under the arm in the armpit area
  3. oral, axillary, rectal, temporal, ear
  4. 60 seconds/1 minute
  5. One person should check the Apical pulse, while the second person should check another pulse site

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  1. Temperature of 33.9 degrees celsius equals what in Fahrenheit38.3 degrees celsius


  2. 72 inches6 feet


  3. What is the measurement of breaths taken by a patientrespirations


  4. Axillary Average Temperature in Celsius36.4 Degrees Celsius


  5. What is the next step of caring for a thermometer once it is removed from the disinfectantAfter 30 minutes, and then use an alcohol cotton ball to wipe it from the stem toward the bulb


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