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  1. Axillary Average Temp
  2. Location of the Apex of the Heart
  3. Apical pulses should be taken for how long
  4. Oral Normal Range of Temperature is
  5. 3 factors that are noted about respirations
  1. a 97.6 to 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. b 60 seconds/1 minute
  3. c 97.6
  4. d count, rhythm, character
  5. e At the 5th Intercostal space Inbetween the ribs, by the midclavicular line down

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  1. Another vital sign, is the process of taking in oxygen & expelling carbon dioxide from the lungs & respiratory tract. One respiration consists of one inspiration (breathing in) & one expiration (breathing out)
  2. Have infant on back with legs raised, then lubricate the thermometer, then insert into infants rectum 1/2 to 1 inch
  3. 106 degrees Fahrenheit
  4. convulsions, brain damage and death
  5. 10 minutes

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  1. What is the regularity of the pulse or respirationsrate


  2. Children Pulse aged over 7 years isat the inner aspect of the wrist, above the thumb


  3. The term Afebrile meansThis occurs when the body temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit, or 40 degrees Celsius


  4. What type of placement of temperature is used for children and infantsrectal temperature


  5. Apical PulseIs a Pulse count taken with a stethoscope at the apex of the heart.


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