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  1. Axillary temperature is done where
  2. What is the next step of caring for a thermometer once it is removed from the disinfectant
  3. Rate of Respiration for infants
  4. Radial pulse is taken where
  5. Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
  1. a under the arm in the armpit area
  2. b Breaths per minute for infants is: 30-50
  3. c Wipe it with an alcohol cotton ball or alcohol sponge, wipe it from the stem toward the bulb.
  4. d (C X 1.8) + 32 =
  5. e at the inner aspect of the wrist, above the thumb

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  1. stethoscope
  2. axillary and groin
  3. rectal temperature
  4. count, rhythm, character
  5. Temperature, Pulse, Respiration

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  1. Rectal Normal range of temperature is98.6 to 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit


  2. What is the measurement of breaths taken by a patientrespirations


  3. Common causes of HypertensionStress, Anxiety, Obesity, High salt intake, Aging, Kidney Disease, Thyroid Deficiency, vascular Condtions such as Arteriorsclerosis. Called "THE SILENT KILLER"


  4. temporal pulse is taken whereon either side of the forehead


  5. What is the pressure of the blood felt against the wall of an arterypulse


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