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  1. Orthostatic symptoms
  2. Convert wt from Lbs to Kg
  3. An irregular or abnormal rhythm is a/an what
  4. What part of the ear do you pull up when doing a tympanic temperature
  5. 1st factor causing changes in BP readings
  1. a Divide 2.2
  2. b Individual becomes: lightheaded, Dizzy, & may experience blurred vision. Symptoms may last a few seconds until the blood vessels compensate & more blood is pushed to the brain
  3. c Arrhythmia
  4. d The pinna of the ear or the external lobe
  5. e 1. Force of the heartbeat, resistance of the arterial system, elasticty of the arteries, volume of blood in the arteries, & position of the patient(lying, sitting, standing)

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  1. Gently position the probe flat on the center of the forehead, midway between the eyebrow and hairline. Press and hold the scan button
  2. Is an Instrument used to listen to internal body sounds. It amplifies the sounds so they are easier to hear
  3. Starvation or fasting, sleep, decreased muscle activity, mouth breathing, exposure to cold temperatures in the environment & certain diseases.
  4. Apical pulse, respirations, and rectal temperature last
  5. Multiply 2.2

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  1. Axillary Temperature Range96.6 Degrees to 98.6 Degrees F


  2. Rectal temperature must be left in place for how long3 - 5 minutes.


  3. Blood Pressure definitionIs a measurement of the pressure that the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries during the various stages of heart activity. It is read in Millimeters (mm) of mercury


  4. Infants Pulse isthe strength or intensity of the pulse. It is described by words such as Strong, Weak, Thready, or Bounding


  5. What is the next step of caring for a thermometer once it is removed from the disinfectantWipe it with an alcohol cotton ball or alcohol sponge, wipe it from the stem toward the bulb.


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