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  1. 48 inches
  2. What can cause Hyperthermia
  3. Rhythm pulse is
  4. When putting the thermometer into the patients mouth, where is it placed and what instructions do you give to the patient
  5. Temporal Temperature is placed where
  1. a Place the bulb under the tongue, toward the side of the mouth, and ask the patient to hold it in place with the lips, caution not to bite it
  2. b A special temporal scanning thermometer is passed in a straight line across the forehead, midway between the eyebrows and the upper hairline, on only one side of the forehead
  3. c 4 feet
  4. d By prolonged exposure to hot temperatures
  5. e Refers to the regularity of the pulse, or the spacing of the beats, described as regular or irregular

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  1. a pulse rate under 60 beats per minute
  2. 98.6 to 100.6 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Is a Pulse count taken with a stethoscope at the apex of the heart.
  4. 65-70 beats per minute
  5. Multiply 2.2

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  1. What temperature is the most accuratetaken between the two folds of skin formed by the inner part of the thigh and the lower abdomen


  2. Parts of a Blood Pressure MachineCuff, gauge, bulb, control valve, internal bladder


  3. Ways to measure temperature97.6 degrees to 99.6 degrees F


  4. Aural Temperature is placed whereAre taken with a special tympanic thermometer that is placed in the ear or auditory canal.


  5. What are some causes of decreased body temperatureSome people have accelerated body process & usually have higher temperatures, others have slower body processes & usually have lower body temperatures


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