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  1. Temperature loss can be caused by
  2. What is the term for strength of pulse
  3. Celsius freezing temp
  4. Volume pulse is
  5. Rate of Respiration for children
  1. a the strength or intensity of the pulse. It is described by words such as Strong, Weak, Thready, or Bounding
  2. b Urination, Perspiration, Feces, Respiration
  3. c Breaths per minute for children is; 16-30
  4. d zero degrees
  5. e volume

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  1. rest, sleep, depressant drugs, shock, dehydration, hemorrhage, & fasting
  2. After 30 minutes, and then use an alcohol cotton ball to wipe it from the stem toward the bulb
  3. Absence of respirations, usually a temporary period of No respirations
  4. Breaths per minute for infants is: 30-50
  5. Starvation or fasting, sleep, decreased muscle activity, mouth breathing, exposure to cold temperatures in the environment & certain diseases.

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  1. What can cause HyperthermiaBy prolonged exposure to hot temperatures


  2. Axillary Normal Average96.6 Degrees to 98.6 Degrees F


  3. Respiratory Rate for Adults98.6 degrees to 100.6 Degrees F


  4. Blood Pressure cuff size determinationOr High Blood Pressure is indicated when pressures are greater than 140mm Hg Systolic over 90 mm Hg Diastolic


  5. What Is the difference between systolic & diastolic pressure.volume


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