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  1. Temperate
  2. Vegetation
  3. Continental Climate
  4. Faulting
  5. Sedimentary
  1. a rock that is formed from layers of sediments that are pressed and squeezed together until it hardens
  2. b movement along a crack (fault) or cracks in the earth's crust
  3. c plants that grow naturally in an area
  4. d climate that has warm summers and cool winters
  5. e climate type that develops away from the influence of the ocean. The annual temperature range tends to be large and precipiation is low.

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  1. the prevailing conditions of precipitation and temperature
  2. a name for trees which lose their leaves every year
  3. an area with similar characteristics.
  4. a region formed by deposits of silt or soil at the mouth of a river
  5. the shape of the land

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  1. Boreala mass of rotating or whirling fluid or air that whirls in a rotary direction


  2. Glaciationthe changing of landforms by slowly moving glaciers (sheets of ice)


  3. Rain-ShadowArea on the leeward slope of mountain range where percipitation is greatly reduced compared to the wind ward slope on the other side.


  4. MuskegA level bog or swamp found in Canada


  5. Swampan area of low, wet, spongy land


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