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  1. dynasty
  2. wadi
  3. Tutankhamun
  4. Memphis
  5. Aten
  1. a Aten was a being who represented the god or spirit of the sun, and the actual solar disk. The pharaoh Akhenaten formed a new state religion, focusing on the worship of the Aten. Monotheism
  2. b original capital of the united Egypt
  3. c Dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare downpours
  4. d the boy king who is most famous for the discovery of his tomb totally intact
  5. e a series of rulers from the same family

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  1. egyptian bucket-and-lever water lifting device
  2. tried to get Egyptians to worship one god (Aton)
  3. fertile land on the banks of the Nile River
  4. to dry out; to remove moisture
  5. female pharaoh who expanded trade (wore a beard)

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  1. Etesian WindsEgyptian god of the underworld and judge of the dead - The Green Dude


  2. heiroglyphicsancient Egyptian writing system using picture symbols for ideas or sounds


  3. NefertitiThe Great ... known for building temples/statues; expanded Egypt; may have been king during Exodus of Hebrews


  4. nilometerA stone tool used to measure the yearly flood level of the Nile


  5. deltaa mixture of rich soil and tiny rocks


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