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  1. Thoth
  2. cataract
  3. Nefertiti
  4. Hyksos
  5. Menes/Narmer
  1. a God of wisdom, learning and writing. Often depicted with the head of an ibis.
  2. b king of upper egypt united the two kingdoms of upper and lower egypt
  3. c the people from western Asia who invaded Egypt thus beginning the second Intermediate period
  4. d queen of Egypt and wife of Akhenaton. Considered to be the most beautiful woman in .the world.
  5. e a large waterfall; any strong flood or rush of water

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  1. tried to get Egyptians to worship one god (Aton)
  2. Hawk headed god of the sky and the pharaohs
  3. Amon-Ra / Ra
  4. tomb for Egyptian kings
  5. Jackel headed god, god of the dead and of mummification. Known to roam Ms. Lanfersieks classroom looking for students who have died from boredom!

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  1. length of the Nile4,100 miles


  2. tributarya stream or river that flows into a larger river


  3. Khufu's tombAmon-Ra / Ra


  4. flood plainthe flat, wide area of land along a river


  5. dynastya series of rulers from the same family


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