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  1. Single Member plurality
  2. determinants of success in elect.
  3. party dealignment
  4. Elements of liberalism
  5. The American Voter
  1. a -Group Association
    -Nature of the Times
    -No issue content
  2. b The gradual disengagement of people and politicians from the parties, as seen in part by shrinking party identification.
  3. c -campaign resources
    -prospects for winning early, caucuses and primaries
  4. d - suspicious of economy, don't want separations
    -believes in government intervention to stabilize economy(new deal, Obama Bailouts)
    -the economy cannot fix itself
    -values equality over liberty
  5. e with in each district only 1 will get elected, the way elections are won is based on this

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  1. -in wake of scandal
    -campaign shenanigans
  2. individuals who think in ideological terms when voting(smallest group), more activists in this group
  3. there are those who seldom reason at all, but think like others (parents, preachers etc.)
  4. think of politics mainly in terms of the groups they liked or disliked, ex "Republicans support small business owners like me" (largest group)
  5. -proposed as a compromise for smaller states towards the end of the convention by james wilson
    -1 month after popular vote electoral college votes
    -total votes number of senate and congress(270)

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  1. Ideology examplesmarxism, facism, communism, socialism


  2. District plantaken up by 2 states, maine and nebraska,
    each state the congressional districts vote and the overall winner gains 2 votes automatically. then each candidate receives votes by district.


  3. Elements of conservatism-beliefs and values of the past needs to be conserved and passed on to next generation
    -central government is unique, no one else can hold that power
    -enormous power=corruption
    -suspicious of central govt., like state and local power
    -economy can fix itself
    -more inclined to emphasize liberty


  4. blanket primarieselections to set party nominees in which only people who have registered in advance with the party can vote for that parties candidates thus encouraging greater party loyalty.


  5. linkage institutionsthe channels through which people's concerns become political issues on the governments policy agenda. in the united states linkage institutions include elections, political parties, interest groups, and the media.


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