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  1. alien and sedition act of 1798
  2. when fed. elect. laws govern campaign finance
  3. Single Member plurality
  4. Reagan Dem. to Rep.
  5. Goldwater 1964
  1. a with in each district only 1 will get elected, the way elections are won is based on this
  2. b -in wake of scandal
    -campaign shenanigans
  3. c -criminalizes speech that is critical to the gov.
    -both madison and jefferson agree it is unconstitutional
    -the supreme court doesnt have the power to decide what is constitutional yet
    -eventually pass what is called "the virginia and KY compromise"
    -serves as a catalyst to provoke a response to those who're in a different party
  4. d -Family and friends were mostly rep.
    -they would debate, listened to their arguments for years
    -his new deal liberalism was impeded by parents and other things
    -finally identified with rep. in name only
    -brothers left dem as well
    -Remember rep family and friends were always spirited and animated in debates
    -Reagean was civil during debate
  5. e wins nominations though conservative, little flexibility didnt try to become moderate

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  1. family, peer group, schools, media
  2. meetings where registered voters go to a place and discuss and debate. then they vote, sometimes they move apart to vote sometimes they dont.
  3. -proposed as a compromise for smaller states towards the end of the convention by james wilson
    -1 month after popular vote electoral college votes
    -total votes number of senate and congress(270)
  4. dem and rep gets government money upfront, any others actually have to wait till the end of the election and must get 5% of the popular vote to get compensation.
  5. marxism, facism, communism, socialism

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  1. Washington's farewell addresswanted america to avoid entanglements in european powers, sectionalism with in the country, and was against political parties because the people would give priority to the parties and not the government


  2. United State's Ideologyconservative, Lockean liberalism


  3. 2nd theory of interest group politics(1960's) negative assessment. elite theory.
    -developed by mcConnell, Lindblom
    -excessive responsiveness to a dominant interest
    -pac-political action committees
    -money speaks, contributes more money to campaigns
    -gov must be sensitive to the business views bc they control jobs


  4. general election campaign-elected by electoral college
    -less ideology, more moderate


  5. cognitive component of political socializationthe facts that affect our emotions


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