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Gov sec. 2 Test

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  1. Nature of the Times
  2. John C. Freemont
  3. Washington's farewell address
  4. John Locke's 2nd treatise
  5. when fed. elect. laws govern campaign finance
  1. a their handle on politics is limited to whether the times seemed good or bad to them; they might vaguely link the party in power to country's fortune or misfortune.
  2. b religious tolerance, thoughts on education, the conduct of understanding, the liberal citizen must have a knowledge of threats to his rational indep. thought
    -called 'conduct'
    -after child has grown up he/she is responsible for beliefs
    -the liberal citizen must examine oneself
    -views need to be largely independent and self formed
  3. c -in wake of scandal
    -campaign shenanigans
  4. d first republican candidate, 1856, lost to james Buchanan
  5. e wanted america to avoid entanglements in european powers, sectionalism with in the country, and was against political parties because the people would give priority to the parties and not the government

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  1. focus on narrow amount of issues, groups interests into a coalition
  2. 1820's
  3. sincerely follow reason, but are short sighted, particular veiws. do not have complete valid knowledge.
  4. elections to set party nominees in which only people who have registered in advance with the party can vote for that parties candidates thus encouraging greater party loyalty.
  5. the facts that affect our emotions

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  1. determinants of success in elect.-campaign resources
    -prospects for winning early, caucuses and primaries


  2. Goldwater 1964wins nominations though conservative, little flexibility didnt try to become moderate


  3. factors before declaring nomination for pres.-nature of the times


  4. Group Associationthe distribution of the population's beliefs about politics and policy issues


  5. federal election campaign act of 1974-Created Federal Election Commission (FEC)
    -requires disclosure (reporting)
    -limits contributions of individuals (1,000/candidate)
    and PACs (5,000/candidate)
    -provides federal funds to pres candidates
    -limits expenditures (pres only)
    -overthrown in 1976 by Buckley v. Valeo


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