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  1. supplant
  2. posthumous
  3. sardonic
  4. taunt
  5. defray
  1. a (adj) occuring or published after death
  2. b (v) to pay for
  3. c (v) to take the place of, supersede
  4. d (adj) grimly or scornfullly mocking, bitterly sarcastic
  5. e (v) to jeer at, mock; (n) an insulting or mocking remark

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  1. (adj) holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent
  2. ( adj) believable
  3. (adj) overly neat, precise, proper, or formal; prudish
  4. (adj) exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess
  5. (adj) sad: dreary

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  1. hamper(v) to shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to


  2. bondage(v) to make up for


  3. hew(v) to shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to


  4. diligent(adj) sad: dreary


  5. intricate(adj) never stopping, going on all the time


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