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  1. personal distance for interactions among good friends
  2. sender
  3. intrapersonal communication
  4. modified block style business letter
  5. external communication
  1. a close phase 1.5 - 2.5 feet
    far phase 2.5 - 4 feet
  2. b all items begin at the left margin EXCEPT date begins at center page, complimentary close and signature block begin at center page, paragraphs may be blocked or intended
  3. c the type of communication which refers to those aspects of communication behavior that occur within the individual is
  4. d any communication which goes beyond the doors of your business is calledd
  5. e initiates the communication process

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  1. deals with the arrangement of words in a sentence
  2. the pope reads his speech word for word from a prepared text. this is an example of
  3. the highness of lowness of the voice is know as
  4. close phase 12-25 feet
    far phase 25 feet or more
  5. the study of body movement, gestures, and posture is known as

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  1. euphemismsmore pleasant sounding words used in the place of more direct, less pleasant terms


  2. semanticsthe study of body movement, gestures, and posture is known as


  3. ambiguousrefers to the whole sale distribution of identical copies of the same message to persons or receivers unknown to the sender and to eachother in any sense of interaction?


  4. articulationact of attempting to influence the behavior and thinking of another person or group of people called


  5. an impromptu speechterm that is described as the believability of a speaker or other source of info


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