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  1. rate
  2. feedback
  3. mass
  4. proxemics
  5. an impromptu speech
  1. a study how people and animals use space
  2. b refers to the whole sale distribution of identical copies of the same message to persons or receivers unknown to the sender and to eachother in any sense of interaction?
  3. c linda was attending an optimist club meeting and after her arrival was asked to give a speech concerning her vocation at the meeting. this is an example of
  4. d deals with the speed at which you speak
  5. e the discernible response of the receiver

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  1. words that are pronounced like another words but have different meaning and are usually spelled differently
  2. an example of a misinterpretation of a verbal symbol
  3. synonymous with loudness
  4. external communication includes
  5. the process of pronouncing all the parts of a word is known as

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  1. external communicationbusiness communications that are sent to receivers with a company


  2. social distance for interactions among acquaintancesclose phase 1.5 - 2.5 feet
    far phase 2.5 - 4 feet


  3. communicationa human survival skill needed to maintain contact with the world


  4. any communication that goes beyond the doors of your businessexternal communication is


  5. kinesicsthe study of body movement, gestures, and posture is known as


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