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  1. any communication that goes beyond the doors of your business
  2. 20 min
  3. volume
  4. important with regard to a speakers awareness of the audience when choosing the speech material
  5. syntax
  1. a knowing the demographic background of the audience; knowing if the audience has any prejudices; knowing if there are any common interests between the speaker and the audience
  2. b synonymous with loudness
  3. c deals with the arrangement of words in a sentence
  4. d external communication is
  5. e the ideal time limit for a speech is

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  1. close phase 4-7 feet
    far phase 7-12 feet
  2. all items begin at the left margin EXCEPT date begins at center page, complimentary close and signature block begin at center page, paragraphs may be blocked or intended
  3. to inform or explain; to persuade;' to entertain; ... to distract IS NOT
  4. an approach to conflict resolution in which neither party achieves its goals is
  5. the highness of lowness of the voice is know as

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  1. poor preparationcommon cause of nervousness


  2. informational listeningtype of listening that would involve listening in which the goal is to help the speaker solve a problem


  3. articulationact of attempting to influence the behavior and thinking of another person or group of people called


  4. senderinitiates the communication process


  5. self disclosurethe process of deliberately revealing info about oneself that is significant and that would not normally be known by others


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