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  1. period
  2. communication
  3. an impromptu speech
  4. thesis statement
  5. appropriate opening techniques for a speech
  1. a asking a question; quoting an important person; telling a joke. . apologizing is NOT
  2. b term that is described as the believability of a speaker or other source of info
  3. c to end a sentence in which the last word is abbreviated you should use a
  4. d a human survival skill needed to maintain contact with the world
  5. e a complete sentence that describes the central idea of a speech and is usually found in the first paragraph is a

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  1. the objective, emotion free meanings of a term are known as
  2. business communications that are sent to receivers with a company
  3. more pleasant sounding words used in the place of more direct, less pleasant terms
  4. the discernible response of the receiver
  5. close phase 1.5 - 2.5 feet
    far phase 2.5 - 4 feet

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  1. equivocal termswords that have more than one dictionary meaning are referred to as


  2. climatedeals with the speed at which you speak


  3. proxemicsstudy how people and animals use space


  4. lose-losean approach to conflict resolution in which neither party achieves its goals is


  5. ambiguousto end a sentence in which the last word is abbreviated you should use a


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