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  1. euphemisms
  2. interpersonal communication
  3. denotations
  4. manuscript speech
  1. a type of communication in which the two parties involved consider one another as individuals is
  2. b more pleasant sounding words used in the place of more direct, less pleasant terms
  3. c the objective, emotion free meanings of a term are known as
  4. d the pope reads his speech word for word from a prepared text. this is an example of

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  1. the emotional tone of a relationship as it is expressed in the messages that the partners send and receive defines
  2. the process of pronouncing all the parts of a word is known as
  3. term that is described as the believability of a speaker or other source of info
  4. bob debated with himself as to what the correct answer to the question was, but finally chose the correct one. ex of this is
  5. a speech that is planned in advance but is presented in a direct, conversational manner is

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  1. faulty assumptionsincorrect thoughts that lead us to believe that we have heard the message before


  2. poor preparationcommon cause of nervousness


  3. semanticsstudy how people and animals use space


  4. consensuswhen all group members are in agreement


  5. volumesynonymous with loudness


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