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  1. homonyms
  2. an impromptu speech
  3. syntax
  4. public distance used for public speaking
  5. volume
  1. a johns speech instructor told john that he would have to speak a little louder, john needs to work on which area of public speaking
  2. b term that is described as the believability of a speaker or other source of info
  3. c close phase 12-25 feet
    far phase 25 feet or more
  4. d words that are pronounced like another words but have different meaning and are usually spelled differently
  5. e deals with the arrangement of words in a sentence

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  1. the medium a sender selects to send the message is known as
  2. the process of deliberately revealing info about oneself that is significant and that would not normally be known by others
  3. study how people and animals use space
  4. asking a question; quoting an important person; telling a joke. . apologizing is NOT
  5. a speech that is delivered word for word from a prepared text is called

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  1. thesis statementa complete sentence that describes the central idea of a speech and is usually found in the first paragraph is a


  2. informational listeningtype of listening involves listening to understand another person or idea


  3. informational listeningtype of listening that would involve listening in which the goal is to help the speaker solve a problem


  4. non verbalinitiates the communication process


  5. pitchthe highness of lowness of the voice is know as


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