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  1. channel
  2. feedback
  3. pitch
  4. equivocal terms
  5. climate
  1. a the medium a sender selects to send the message is known as
  2. b the highness of lowness of the voice is know as
  3. c the emotional tone of a relationship as it is expressed in the messages that the partners send and receive defines
  4. d words that have more than one dictionary meaning are referred to as
  5. e the discernible response of the receiver

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  1. study how people and animals use space
  2. the meaning of words
  3. a worker is drilling a hole in the street just outside of the classroom making it nearly impossible for the students to hear the instructor. ex of this is
  4. close phase 12-25 feet
    far phase 25 feet or more
  5. all lines of type begin at left margin; easy to perform therefore most widely used

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  1. informational listeningsarah is listening to cathy and trying very hard to understand her ideas on the subject. this is an example of


  2. modified block style business letterall lines of type begin at left margin; easy to perform therefore most widely used


  3. intrapersonal communicationtype of communication in which the two parties involved consider one another as individuals is


  4. proper with use of a visual aidexcessive written or verbal communication would be considered


  5. general purposes for making a speechto inform or explain; to persuade;' to entertain; ... to distract IS NOT


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