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  1. Atringes blood and stops bleeding, restrains leakage of blood, reduces swelling and generates flesh
  2. (bitter, astringent)
    Cools blood and stops bleeding, use topically for burns, stop cough and expel phlegm. (Also promotes hair growth and dries damp to stop vag. discharge)
  3. sweet, acrid and NEUTRAL.
    Moves and Astringes blood to stop bleeding (best if charred first), good for trauma, promotes urination.

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  1. Bai Mao GenCools blood and stops bleeding, clears heat and promotes urination, clears heat form st/lu (for nausea or wheezing)


  2. Da JiCools blood and stops bleeding esp for vomiting/cough with blood, reduces swelling and generates flesh at sores (used topically for sores and swellings), benefits gallbladder and reduces jaundice, tx hypertension.


  3. Di YuWarms womb and stops bleeding, calms fetus, disperses cold and alleviates pain, eliminates damp and stops itching.


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