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  1. loosely organized reference groups of cliques.
  2. behavior enjoyed for its own sake.
  3. resources (tangible, intellectual, social, emotional) provided by others in times of need.
  4. techniques used to measure patterns of acceptance, neglect, and rejection among members of a group.
  5. friends who view themselves as mutually connected and do things together.
  6. Elkind's term for children in Piaget's stage of concrete operations who put too much faith in their reasoning ability and cleverness.

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  1. Social Cognitionconceptions, and reasoning about people, the self-relations between people. social group's roles and rules, and the relation of such conceptions to social behavior.


  2. Reality Testingtesting assumptions against facts.


  3. Bullyinga group of people who form an alliance for a common purpose and engage in unlawful criminal activity.


  4. Gangbehavior enjoyed for its own sake.


  5. Morality of Cooperationbehavior based on respect fro persons in authority.


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