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  1. columbus lands in carribean
  2. becomes cortes mistress and speaks 2 languages. mayan and nahuatl
  3. spanish explorer
  4. juan de grijalua explores coast of southern mexico
  5. southern mexico
  6. cortes learns that diego has changed his mind telling him not to go inland because he is jelous of cortes but cortes disobeys diegos orders leaving cuba

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  1. sept 1519cortes lands in Veracruz and decides he wants to begin his march inland and burns 11 ships


  2. 1511-1514cortes arrives in Cholula


  3. may 1520cortes learns that Panfilo has landed in veracruz and is on his way to arrest cortes and take him back to cuba for trial and potential exectuion


  4. nov 14 1519spaniards peacefully arrive in Tenochitlian along with 1000 tlxacalan allies


  5. nov 8 1519cortes captures montezuma and puts him under house arrest


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