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  1. Ominous
  2. Laconically
  3. Frantic
  4. Void
  5. Flouting
  1. a threatening
  2. b wildly or uncontrollably excited
  3. c using few words
  4. d Treated with disregard
  5. e completely empty, vacant

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  1. taking pleasure in cruelty
  2. an unbroken view of a wide area
  3. a state of violent excitement or emotion
  4. little swirls of water
  5. made less dense

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  1. Moderatelywhirlpool; whirlwind; center of turbulence


  2. Traversedto travel or pass across


  3. Blundermake one's way clumsily or blindly


  4. Tundraa loose garment


  5. PresumeProbably, most likely, something that is supposed to be true


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