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  1. to arraign
  2. goods offered without reserve
  3. a joint and several contract
  4. consanguinity
  5. it must appear to be seriously intended; and must be communicated to the offeree
  1. a the requirement for a valid offer includes what
  2. b to read the charge of an indictment is
  3. c a contract which is written so that either party may consider it as a joint obligation or a group of individual obligations is
  4. d a term for blood kin is
  5. e in an auction, goods which are offered for sale that cannot be withdrawn are classified as

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  1. does not render an agreement defective
  2. a corporation has a distinct existence separate and apart from the existence of its individual members which is known as
  3. the major source of mortuary law is
  4. parties who acquire rights superior to those of the original owner are known as
  5. one who receives possession of another's property for sale on commission is

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  1. a policya formal written command issued by a court of law


  2. children of legal agethe ones having the primary right to control final disposition of a deaceased person is


  3. crimea punishable offense against society is defined as a


  4. identified goodswhen the buyer makes a selection of goods which are to be purchased from the seller, the goods are classified as


  5. equitya charge against anothers property as security for a debt or claim is


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