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  1. police power
  2. principal
  3. default
  4. stockholders
  5. property
  1. a anything that may be owned, possessed, used, or disposed of for a price is called
  2. b the owners of a corp are known as
  3. c the party who appoints an agent is the
  4. d the power to adopt laws for the protection of the public is
  5. e a breach of contractual obligation other than money is

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  1. a change of parties with the formation of a new contract is
  2. in the field of business law, the most important statute is
  3. a temporary order forbidding a certain action is
  4. laws that are designed to protect or prevent any individual from controlling a large share of a market or products are
  5. a court of original general jurisdiction is

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  1. private carriera funeral home's family car is considered a


  2. probatethe filling and proving of the will following death is called


  3. voida contract made by a legally declared insane person is


  4. medical billa necessity


  5. intentwhen a person dies without a will, he is said to die


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