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  1. a summons
  2. an attorney in fact
  3. several contract
  4. consideration
  5. anti trust laws
  1. a whatever the promisor demands and receives as the price for his promise is called
  2. b a contract in which two or more people individually agree to perform the same obligation is called a
  3. c a process may be referred to as
  4. d an agent that has been appointed by a sealed written authorization which states that the agent is to act in the principals behalf is
  5. e laws that are designed to protect or prevent any individual from controlling a large share of a market or products are

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  1. a dead human body used for anatomical study is a
  2. the right to sue the federal government is derived from
  3. generally, a minor is fully liable for his/her
  4. for the avg citizen, the most important courts of the state court system are the
  5. the party who appoints an agent is the

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  1. novationthe substitution of a new party for the original party who is to perform is called


  2. stockholdersthe owners of a corp are known as


  3. voidablea contract made by an insane person who has not been declared so judicially is


  4. US supreme courtnot a type of inferior state court


  5. is not property in a real sensea dead human body


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