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  1. spoken
  2. from a previous contract
  3. implied contract
  4. let the buyer beware
  5. an injunction
  1. a accord and satisfaction is an agreement made and executed in satisfaction of the rights one has
  2. b caveat emptor means
  3. c oral contracts are
  4. d a contract in which the duties and obligations assumed by the parties are not verbalized but indicated by their actions is known as
  5. e a permanent order, issued by a court, forbidding activities which would be detrimental to others is

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  1. a contract in which two or more people individually agree to perform the same obligation is called a
  2. for the avg citizen, the most important courts of the state court system are the
  3. the ones having the primary right to control final disposition of a deaceased person is
  4. courts that have exclusive jurisdiction of bankruptcy matters, claims against the US, and patent and copyright cases are defined as
  5. what is right and just refers to

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  1. furnitureclassified as moveable personal property


  2. common lawcustoms which have come to be recognized by the courts law describes


  3. jurisdictionthe power of authority which each court has to hear cases is called its


  4. private carriera funeral home's family car is considered a


  5. intestatewhen a person dies without a will, he is said to die


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