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  1. a broker
  2. private carrier
  3. it must appear to be seriously intended; and must be communicated to the offeree
  4. a restraining order
  5. appointment
  1. a a temporary order forbidding a certain action is
  2. b the most common method of creating an agency is by
  3. c the requirement for a valid offer includes what
  4. d a carrier owned by a shipper for the purpose of shipping its own goods is a
  5. e an individual who brings together contracting parties is called

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  1. common law is based on
  2. the failure to volunteer or reveal info not requested is termed
  3. the person who receives the proceeds from an insurance policy is called the
  4. when a person dies without a will, he is said to die
  5. the consideration of an insurance policy is

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  1. limited liabilitya partnership in which one partner's liability is limited to a capital contribution only is a


  2. private corporationscourts concerned with delinquent, dependent, and neglected children are called


  3. felonycommon law developed in


  4. let the buyer bewarethe highest court of a state is the


  5. ordinanceslaws passed by local govs are


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