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  1. disaffirmance
  2. whole life
  3. physical duress; emotional duress; and economic distress
  4. torts
  5. special federal courts
  1. a courts that have exclusive jurisdiction of bankruptcy matters, claims against the US, and patent and copyright cases are defined as
  2. b duress is classified according to the nature of the threat as
  3. c the election to void a contract is called
  4. d generally, a minor is fully liable for his/her
  5. e a life insurance policy which continues until the dead of the insured is

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  1. one who receives possession of another's property for sale on commission is
  2. a process may be referred to as
  3. bailment in which the bailee does not receive any compensation is
  4. a dead human body is said to be
  5. another name for prosecutor is

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  1. abatementa proportional reduction of a legacy when the funds or assets out of which such legacy are payable are not sufficient to pay it in full is


  2. limited liabilityan advantage to a corp is


  3. mutilationa principal owes which of the following duties to the agent


  4. disintermentexhumation is a term for


  5. considerationa change of parties with the formation of a new contract is


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