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  1. jurisdiction
  2. church
  3. disaffirmance
  4. probate
  5. voidable
  1. a the power of authority which each court has to hear cases is called
  2. b the filling and proving of the will following death is called
  3. c in regards to the no-property theory, the dead body was under the control of the
  4. d a contract that may be set aside by at least one of the parties is
  5. e the right a minor has to avoid a contract is termed

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  1. the law whose purpose is to compensate the aggrieved, not to punish the wrongdoer is
  2. the party who makes the offer is the
  3. a surviving spouse may avoid being written out of a will by invoking
  4. the max amount of interest that may be charged is called
  5. written instruments drawn in special form, which can be transferred from person to person as a substitute for money or as instruments of credit, are called

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  1. business lawlaw which is concerned primarily with those rules of conduct involving financial transactions between individuals or legal entities is


  2. crimethe term synonymous to a dead body is


  3. decompositionthe most positive sign of death is


  4. qualified indorsementan indorsement which limits the liability of the endorser is called a


  5. juvenile courtthe highest court of the land in the US is the


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