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  1. Bartolome de Las Casas
  2. Protestant Reformation
  3. creoles
  4. charter
  5. Aztecs
  1. a Indian empire conquered by the Spanish, many of them died from European diseases
  2. b attempted to help Native Americans by asking the King of Spain to enact laws prohibiting their enslavement
  3. c below the Peninsulares, they were people who were born in New Spain to Spanish parents
  4. d a legal document giving certain rights to a person or company
  5. e movement to reform the Catholic Church in the 1500s; led to the creation of many different Christian Churches, these religious differences increased rivalries between nations

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  1. an area of settlements in North and South America that we conquered by conquistadors.
  2. to sail completely around the world
  3. Engligh colony in Virginia; located in a swampy area, the colonists suffered from disease spread by mosquitoes, conflicts with Native Americans and starvation.
  4. the chosen religion of a state; most rulers during the 1500s supported this practice.
  5. Wampanoag Indian who helped the Pilgrims to grow native crops

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  1. Christopher Colombusbelow the Peninsulares, they were people who were born in New Spain to Spanish parents


  2. plantationthe mistreatement or punishment of certain people because of their beliefs, like not following the established church of a state


  3. House of Burgessesrepresentative assembly in colonial Virginia; it began a tradition of representative government in the English colonies


  4. peninsularestop social class of New Spain, people who were born in Spain and held the highest jobs in government and the Church.


  5. Columbian Exchangethe global exchange of goods and ideas resulting from the encounter between the peoples of the Eastern and Western hemispheres


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