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  1. deletion
  2. anti-
  3. transcription
  4. insertion
  5. mutagen
  1. a The synthesis of RNA on a DNA template.
  2. b A mutation involving the addition of one or more nucleotide pairs to a gene.
  3. c opposite ex: anticodon
  4. d A chemical or physical agent that interacts with DNA and causes a mutation.
  5. e 1) A deficiency in a chromosome resulting from the loss of a fragment through breakage. (2) A mutational loss of one or more nucleotide pairs from a gene.

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  1. A mutation occurring when the number of nucleotides inserted or deleted is not a multiple of three, resulting in the improper grouping of the following nucleotides into codons.
  2. The removal of noncoding portions (introns) of the RNA molecule after initial synthesis.
  3. The modified end of the 3' end of an mRNA molecule consisting of the addition of some 50 to 250 adenine nucleotides.
  4. Modification of RNA before it leaves the nucleus, a process unique to eukaryotes.
  5. A coding region of a eukaryotic gene or expressed region

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  1. signal-recognition particle (SRP)A protein-RNA complex that recognizes a signal peptide as it emerges from the ribosome.


  2. P siteOne of a ribosome's three binding sites for tRNA during translation. Holds the tRNA carrying the growing polypeptide chain. (P stands for peptidyl tRNA


  3. anticodonA specialized base triplet at one end of a tRNA molecule that recognizes a particular complementary codon on an mRNA molecule.


  4. trans-opposite ex: anticodon


  5. -scriptwithin ex: intron


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