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Chapter 17 Vocabulary AP Bio Test

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  1. promoter
  2. transcription
  3. base-pair substitution
  4. RNA splicing
  5. intron
  1. a The synthesis of RNA on a DNA template.
  2. b A type of point mutation; the replacement of one nucleotide and its partner in the complementary DNA strand by another pair of nucleotides.
  3. c The removal of noncoding portions (introns) of the RNA molecule after initial synthesis.
  4. d A noncoding, intervening sequence within a eukaryotic gene.
  5. e A specific nucleotide sequence in DNA that binds RNA polymerase and indicates where to start transcribing RNA

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  1. An RNA molecule that functions as an interpreter between nucleic acid and protein language by picking up specific amino acids and recognizing the appropriate codons in the mRNA.
  2. A specialized base triplet at one end of a tRNA molecule that recognizes a particular complementary codon on an mRNA molecule.
  3. One of a ribosome's three binding sites for tRNA during translation. Holds the tRNA carrying the next amino acid to be added to the polypeptide chain.
  4. An enzyme that links together the growing chain of ribonucleotides during transcription.
  5. The synthesis of a polypeptide using the genetic information encoded in an mRNA molecule. There is a change of languagefrom nucleotides to amino acids

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  1. deletion1) A deficiency in a chromosome resulting from the loss of a fragment through breakage. (2) A mutational loss of one or more nucleotide pairs from a gene.


  2. one gene-one polypeptide hypothesisA mutation that changes an amino acid codon to one of the three stop codons, resulting in a shorter and usually nonfunctional protein


  3. ribosomeAn enzymatic RNA molecule that catalyzes reactions during RNA splicing.


  4. E siteOne of a ribosome's three binding sites for tRNA during translation. The place where discharged tRNAs leave the ribosome.


  5. poly-many


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