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  1. standard deviation
  2. statistical significance
  3. empiricism
  4. myelin
  5. theory
  1. a the view that knowledge comes from experience via the senses, and science flourishes through observation and experiment.
  2. b an explanation using an integrated set of principles that organizes and predicts observations
  3. c a computed measure of how much scores vary around the mean score
  4. d a layer of fatty tissue segmentally encasing the fibers of many neurons; enables vastly greater transmission speed of neural impulses as the impulse hops from one node to the next
  5. e a statistical statement of how likely it is that an obtained result occurred by chance

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  1. an integrated perspective that incorporates biological, psychological, and social cultural levels of analysis
  2. the outcome factor; the variable that may change in response to manipulations of the independent variable
  3. An experimental procedure in which both the research participant and the research staff are ignorant about whether the participants have received the treatment or the placebo
  4. the middle score in a distribution; half the scores are above it and half are below it
  5. the tendency to believe, after learning an outcome, that one would have foreseen it

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  1. structuralisman early school of psychology that used introspection to explore the elemental structure of the human mind


  2. natural selectionthe principle that, among the range of inherited trait variations, those that lead to increased reproduction and survival will most likely be passed on to succeeding generations


  3. correlationa measure of the extent to which two factors vary together, and thus of how well either factor predicts the other. The ____ coefficient is the mathematical expression of the relationship, ranging from -1 to +1


  4. synapsethe difference between the highest and lowest scores in a distribution


  5. basic researchscientific study that aims to solve practical problems


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