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supports federalism by helping create state policy and enforcing national policy

National Governors Association

the power of both the local and federal governments to tax is an example of

concurrent powers

allows federal law to override state law

supremacy clause

The President admits new states and Congress sets the conditions.


powers directly granted to the national government by the Constitution

Expressed Powers

Identify which of its powers the national government uses to carry out the actions listed in the graphic organizer:


Which of the following is not a concurrent power shared by the federal and state governments?

NOT! holding courts

Which of the following powers are granted to the national government by the Constitution?

delegated powers

system of government which guarantees each state representation at the national level.


granted by Article I of the Constitution, this allows Congress to take any action they deem necessary and proper for the benefit of the country

elastic clause

Three constitutional provisions have helped to change our national government. Choose the answer that best completes the chart, determining the impact of provisions.

NOT! balanced power between state and national government

This man was a supporter of the states' rights position.

Chief Justice Roger B. Taney

Chief Justice Roger B. Taney and others who favor local action believe in

the states' rights position.

Over the course of U.S. history this body has become stronger.

national government

This gives the federal government the right to tax your income.

Sixteenth Amendment

Passed in 1964, the ______________ outlawed racial discrimination in public accommodations.

Civil Rights Act

Franklin D. Roosevelt and others who favor federal action believe in the

nationalist position.

Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 using this Constitutional authority.

commerce power

How is the Civil Rights Act a show of federalism?

NOT! (B) The federal government used the public accommodations as a way to practice equality regardless of race.

The ____________ favored national action in dealing with problems.


a plan or course of action


elected at state level


These type of laws check on agencies to see if they are still necessary.

sunset laws

This requires government meetings to be open to the public.

sunshine laws

Federalism and democracy are basically the same thing.


Federalism contributes to economic and political differences among the states because it

permits each state freedom.

These type of laws force government officials to hold open meetings.

sunshine laws

How does the Sunshine Law show how the states are able to adapt in order to be more efficient?

It forces public officials to meet in an open forum whenever issues are discussed.

These laws require periodic checks of government agencies to see if they are needed.

sunset laws

This government organization writes legislation or laws.


regulates the sale of stocks and bonds

Securities Exchange Commission

When the same directors serve on the board of two or more competing companies, these companies have

interlocking directorates.

The process of negotiating labor contracts is called

collective bargaining.

What is not a type of "shop" for unions?


This free trade agreement, signed by the United States, removed trade barriers in North America.


A system in which the government both supports and regulates private enterprise is a

mixed economy.

This department promotes business interests.

Department of Commerce

This exists when a few firms dominate a particular industry.


promotes business interests

Department of Commerce

This is a court order that prevents an action from taking place.


Subways, commuter railroads, and bus lines are part of the United States

mass transit systems.

goal of urban renewal

makes cities more attractive

This program helps rebuild cities.

urban renewal

What is public housing?

government subsidize housing for low income families

This act was the first higher education legislation by Congress enacted in 1862 and dealt with agricultural, engineering and military training.

The Morill Act

President Johnson made improved education a goal of this program.

Great Society

for low-income families

public housing

The key ingredient for public housing, which is focused on helping poor people lease a dwelling, is:

a subsidy

works for aviation safety


This was the federal government's first entry into transportation.

National Road

Making a country seem too powerful to be attacked is known as ____.


This President put a firm stamp on the concept of isolationism in the early 1800s.


The Monroe Doctrine sought to perpetuate a belief that the United States was protecting Latin America from European domination when, in fact,

NOT! the United States was too isolated to look to the affairs of Latin America.

During the cold war, American relations with the Soviet Union were dominated by


The principle of ____ works to keep international peace and order by uniting most world nations.

collective security

A period of détente with the Soviet Union ended with the

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

If the US builds up its military in order to intimidate others from attacking, this is called what?


America resisted expansion because imperial rule seemed inconsistent with America's _______.

republican principles

How was the Cold War different then a real war?

no fighting occurred

While the world hoped that collective security would shape world events following World War II, events were in fact shaped largely by

relations between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Why does the federal government support schools?

to better the educational level

Why do Constitutional laws have more power than the state laws?

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

If Don's business is serving as a traveling salesperson, the government allows him to deduct his mileage expenses. What government policy allows him to do so?

federal subsidies

"In the fields of health, housing, urban renewal, transportation, welfare, education, poverty, and energy, it has been . . . people in government service . . . acting on the basis of their specialized and technical knowledge, who first perceived the problem, conceived the program, initially urged it on president and Congress, went on to help lobby it through to enactment, and then saw to its administration."
—Samuel H.Beer, 1986

According to political writer Samuel H. Beer, Congress is chiefly responsible for the increase in federal programs.


A ___________ is the combination of several corporations that have combined their stock and allowed a board of trustees to operate as a giant enterprise.


"The proposed Constitution, so far from implying an abolition of the State governments, makes them constituent parts of the national sovereignty, by allowing them a direct representation in the Senate, and leaves in their possession certain exclusive and very important portions of sovereign power. This fully corresponds . . . with the idea of a federal government."
—Alexander Hamilton, 1787

What concept was Hamilton defining?


The Constitution reserved for the states the right to control _______________.

public education

The national government's control of immigration is an example of

inherent powers.

In which of the four ways the government protects and promotes American business interests would a person be able to attend classes on sound management practices?

help for small businesses

Which division of government employs the fewest number of people?


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