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CU BIO120 Vocab 4 Test

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  1. Metapopulation
  2. Wetland
  3. Biome
  4. Taiga
  5. Swamp
  1. a population composed of smaller, isolated populations
  2. b A shallow water habitat where the soil is saturated atleast part of the year
  3. c A vast forest biome in subartic temperature dominanted by confier trees. Long cold winter and short, mild summers.
  4. d A large terrestrial ecosystem characterized by a distinct type of vevegation and climate
  5. e A wetland that has a steady rate of water flow and is dominated by trees and shrubs

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  1. The number of individuals per unit area
  2. A gradient in environmental temperature acorss a large area
  3. Dep water recieving no sunlight
  4. A wetland that has no or almost no water flow, resulting in a very low oxygen level and acidic conditions
  5. An internal mechanism found in most organisms that regulates many body processes (sleep/wake cycles, hormonal patterns, etc.) in a ~24 hour cycle

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  1. Rain ShadowAll individuals of a specific age in a population


  2. Four Factors that Influence Population GrowthBirth, Death, Immigration, Emigration


  3. Ultimate CausationIn biology, the immediate, mechanistic cause of a phenomenon (how it happens) as opposed to why it evolved


  4. Conservation BiologyThe study of how and why the number of individuals in a population changes over time


  5. PermafrostA permanently frozen layer of icy soil found in most tundra and some taiga


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