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  1. Stream
  2. Wallace Line
  3. Proximate Causation
  4. Emigration
  5. Change in N / Change in t = (r max)N
  1. a In biology, the immediate, mechanistic cause of a phenomenon (how it happens) as opposed to why it evolved
  2. b A body of water that moves constantly in 1 direction
  3. c The migration of individuals away from 1 population to other populations
  4. d Line that demarcates 2 areas in the Indonesian region, each of which is characterized by distinct species
  5. e Equation for the Intrinsic Rate of Increase @ Carrying Capacity
    N=population, t=Time, (r max)=max. population

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  1. All of the species that interact with each other in a certain area
  2. Altruistic behavior that is exchanged by a pair of organisms at different points in time
  3. The maximun number of individuals in a population that can be supported in a particular habitat over a sustained period of time
  4. Shallow water near shore that recieves enough sunlight to support photosynthesis. May be marine or freshwater; often flowering plants are present
  5. Dep water recieving no sunlight

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  1. DemographyThe study of factors that determine the size and structure or populations through time


  2. Intrinsic Rate of Increase (r max)When the birthrates per individual are as high as possible and the death rates are as low as possible


  3. Direct FitnessDerived from helping relatives produce more offspring than they could on their own


  4. Lake TurnoverIn lakes, complete mixing of upper and lower levels of water that happens in spring/fall in temperate zones


  5. Population EcologyThe number of individuals per unit area


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