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  1. Communication
  2. Innate Behavior
  3. True Navigation
  4. Age Class
  5. Photic Zone
  1. a In an aquatic habitat, water that is shallow enough to recieve some sunlight (whether or not it's enough for photosynthesis)
  2. b Type of navigation by which an animal can reach a specific spot on the Earth's surface
  3. c Behavior that is inherited genetically; doesn't have to be learned and is typical of a species
  4. d In ecology, it is any process by which a signal from one individual modifies the behavior of another individual
  5. e All individuals of a specific age in a population

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  1. The prevailing long term weather conditions in a particular region
  2. Average required fertility for each female to produce exactly enough offspring to replace herself and her mate
  3. Shallow water near shore that recieves enough sunlight to support photosynthesis. May be marine or freshwater; often flowering plants are present
  4. When the replacement rate of fertility is sustained for a generation; r = 0
  5. A type of navigation in which movement occurs in a specific direction

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  1. Age StructureAn enivronment of brackish (partly salty) water where a river meets the ocean


  2. Exotic SpeciesA nonnative species that is introduced into a new area. Often are competitors, pathogens, or predators towards native species


  3. CohortA group of individuals that are the same age and can be followed through time


  4. Proximate CausationA group of individuals of the same species that live i the same area at the same time


  5. Rain Shadowthe dry region on the side of a mountain range away from the previaling wind


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