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  1. Dispersal
  2. Intertidal Zone
  3. Territory
  4. Productivity
  5. Tundra
  1. a The region between low-tide and high-tide marks on a seashore
  2. b the total amount of Carbon fixed by photosynthesis per unit area per year
  3. c An area that is actively defended by an animal from others of its species
  4. d Treeless biome in polar and alpine regions with short slow growing vegetation, permafrost, and long intensely cold winters
  5. e The movement of organisms from their place of origin (birth, hatching) to a new location

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  1. The uppermost layers of branches in a forest (i.e. those fully exposed to the sun)
  2. Specific short term atmospheric conditions of long term temperature, moisture, sunlight, and wind in an area
  3. In behavioral ecology, any information-containing behavior
  4. The waters in the open ocean beyond the continental shelf
  5. Shallow marine waters beyond the intertidal zone, extending down to about 200 meters, where the continentsl shelf ends

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  1. Marshthe geographic distribution of species


  2. Inclusive FitnessThe comboination of (1) direct production of offspring (direct firness) and (2) extra production of offspring by relatives in response to help orvided by the individual (indirect fitness)


  3. (K-N/K)the geographic distribution of species


  4. AbioticA large terrestrial ecosystem characterized by a distinct type of vevegation and climate


  5. BiogeographyThe total mass of all organisms in a given population or geographical area; usually expressed as a total dry weight


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