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  1. Expontential Population Growth
  2. Piloting
  3. Littoral Zone
  4. Per-Capita Rate of Increase (r)
  5. Density Independent
  1. a Shallow water near shore that recieves enough sunlight to support photosynthesis. May be marine or freshwater; often flowering plants are present
  2. b Type of population growth that doesn't depend on the number individuals in the population
  3. c Difference between birthrate and death rate per individual
  4. d A type of navigation in which animals use familiar landmarks to find their way
  5. e Occurs when (r)-rate of increase-doesn't change over time; and the growth rate isn't dependent on the number of individuals in a population

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  1. An internal mechanism found in most organisms that regulates many body processes (sleep/wake cycles, hormonal patterns, etc.) in a ~24 hour cycle
  2. Line that demarcates 2 areas in the Indonesian region, each of which is characterized by distinct species
  3. A type of navigation in which movement occurs in a specific direction
  4. Hving a climate with pronounced annual fluctuations in temperature (warm summer and cold winter) but typically neither as hot as tropics or as cold as arctics
  5. A measure of how closely 2 individuals are related. Calculated as the probability that an allele in 2 individuals is anherited from the same ancestor

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  1. Invasive SpeciesThe comboination of (1) direct production of offspring (direct firness) and (2) extra production of offspring by relatives in response to help orvided by the individual (indirect fitness)


  2. Conservation Biologythe effort to study, preserve, and restore threatened populations, communities, and ecosystems


  3. Replacement RateAverage required fertility for each female to produce exactly enough offspring to replace herself and her mate


  4. CommunityAll of the species that interact with each other in a certain area


  5. TaigaIn behavioral ecology, any information-containing behavior


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