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  1. Signal
  2. Productivity
  3. Metapopulation
  4. Fecundity
  5. Change in N / Change in t = (r max) N (K-N/K)
  1. a In behavioral ecology, any information-containing behavior
  2. b Equation for population's growth when it is below carrying capacity
  3. c the total amount of Carbon fixed by photosynthesis per unit area per year
  4. d population composed of smaller, isolated populations
  5. e The average number of female offspring produced by a single female in the course of her lifetime

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  1. A data set summarizing the probability that an individual in a certain population will survive and reproduce in any given year over the course of its lifetime
  2. Shallow water near shore that recieves enough sunlight to support photosynthesis. May be marine or freshwater; often flowering plants are present
  3. The number of individuals per unit area
  4. The prevailing long term weather conditions in a particular region
  5. In ecology, a cyclical movement of large numbers of organisms from one geographic habitat to another

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  1. Taigathe geographic distribution of species


  2. Lake Turnoverproportion of individuals that are at each each possible age


  3. Inclusive FitnessThe comboination of (1) direct production of offspring (direct firness) and (2) extra production of offspring by relatives in response to help orvided by the individual (indirect fitness)


  4. Carrying Capacity (K)In ecology, it is any process by which a signal from one individual modifies the behavior of another individual


  5. Age-Specific FecundityThe average number of female offspring produced by a female in a certain age class


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