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  1. Life History
  2. Littoral Zone
  3. Foraging
  4. Fixed Action Pattern (FAP)
  5. Weather
  1. a Shallow water near shore that recieves enough sunlight to support photosynthesis. May be marine or freshwater; often flowering plants are present
  2. b Specific short term atmospheric conditions of long term temperature, moisture, sunlight, and wind in an area
  3. c The sequence of events in an individual's life from birth to reproduction to death, including how they allocate resources for growth, fitness, and activites that that are related to survival
  4. d Searching for food
  5. e Highly stereotyped behavior pattern that occurs in a certain invariant way in a certain species; form of innate (inheritated) behavior

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  1. Dep water recieving no sunlight
  2. In ecology, a cyclical movement of large numbers of organisms from one geographic habitat to another
  3. The study of how organisms interact with each other and with their surounding environment
  4. A nonnative species that is introduced into a new area. Often are competitors, pathogens, or predators towards native species
  5. The proposition that an allele for altruistic behavior will be favored by natural selectiononly if Br > C ... where B = fitness benefit to recipient, r = Coefficient of Relatedness between recipient and actor, and C = fitness cost to actor

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  1. Lake TurnoverIn lakes, complete mixing of upper and lower levels of water that happens in spring/fall in temperate zones


  2. Invasive SpeciesA exotic(nonnative) species that, upon introduction to a new area, spreads rapidly and completes successfully with native species


  3. Per-Capita Rate of Increase (r)When the birthrates per individual are as high as possible and the death rates are as low as possible


  4. Four Factors that Influence Population GrowthBirth, Death, Immigration, Emigration


  5. Age ClassA shallow water habitat where the soil is saturated atleast part of the year


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