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  1. Compass Orientation
  2. Reciprocal Altruism
  3. Swamp
  4. Temperate
  5. Expontential Population Growth
  1. a Occurs when (r)-rate of increase-doesn't change over time; and the growth rate isn't dependent on the number of individuals in a population
  2. b Altruistic behavior that is exchanged by a pair of organisms at different points in time
  3. c A wetland that has a steady rate of water flow and is dominated by trees and shrubs
  4. d Hving a climate with pronounced annual fluctuations in temperature (warm summer and cold winter) but typically neither as hot as tropics or as cold as arctics
  5. e A type of navigation in which movement occurs in a specific direction

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  1. proportion of individuals that are at each each possible age
  2. Total mass of living plants in an area, excluding their roots
  3. In behavioral ecology, any information-containing behavior
  4. The uppermost layers of branches in a forest (i.e. those fully exposed to the sun)
  5. In biology, the immediate, mechanistic cause of a phenomenon (how it happens) as opposed to why it evolved

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  1. Littoral ZoneOpen water (not near shore) that recieves enough light to suport photosynthesis


  2. AltruismA body of water that moves constantly in 1 direction


  3. Four Factors that Influence Population GrowthThe changes in growth rate that occur as a function of population


  4. Population DynamicsThe study of how and why the number of individuals in a population changes over time


  5. Lake TurnoverA data set summarizing the probability that an individual in a certain population will survive and reproduce in any given year over the course of its lifetime


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