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  1. Productivity
  2. Replacement Rate
  3. Survivorship
  4. Neritic Zone
  5. Range
  1. a Shallow marine waters beyond the intertidal zone, extending down to about 200 meters, where the continentsl shelf ends
  2. b the total amount of Carbon fixed by photosynthesis per unit area per year
  3. c On average, the proportion of offspring that survive to a certain age
  4. d Average required fertility for each female to produce exactly enough offspring to replace herself and her mate
  5. e the geographic distribution of species

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  1. Any action by an organism
  2. A exotic(nonnative) species that, upon introduction to a new area, spreads rapidly and completes successfully with native species
  3. A form of natural selection that favors traits that increase survival or reproduction of an individuals' relatives at the expense of the individual
  4. A type of navigation in which animals use familiar landmarks to find their way
  5. An inescapable compromise between 2 traits that can't be optimized simultaneously

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  1. EpiphyteA large terrestrial ecosystem characterized by a distinct type of vevegation and climate


  2. Life TableA data set summarizing the probability that an individual in a certain population will survive and reproduce in any given year over the course of its lifetime


  3. MigrationThe migration of individuals away from 1 population to other populations


  4. Four Factors that Influence Population GrowthOccurs when (r)-rate of increase-doesn't change over time; and the growth rate isn't dependent on the number of individuals in a population


  5. BogA large terrestrial ecosystem characterized by a distinct type of vevegation and climate


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