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  1. narration
  2. simile
  3. antithesis
  4. irony
  5. symbolism
  1. a description of actions in a story
  2. b the opposite or contrast of ideas written in similar sentence structure; a type of scheme
  3. c using a literal object to represent an abstract idea; a type of trope
  4. d a comparison of two seemingly unlike objects using the words LIKE or AS; a type of trope
  5. e the contrast between expectations and reality; 3 types exist

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  1. the audience/ reader sees or knows something that other characters cannot; ensuing events are ironic
  2. writing that tells a story; may be true or false or a combination
  3. repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words; a type of scheme
  4. words that MEAN more than what they say directly; one of the two main figures of speech
  5. giving less credit than something is worth; opposite of hyperbole; a type of trope

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  1. situational ironyone event is expected to occur, but something entirely different actually occurs


  2. motifan idea that resurfaces throughout an individual work


  3. hyperboleexaggeration for emphasis; opposite of understatement; a type of trope


  4. loaded languagewriting that goes beyond the literal, original use of the words; aka figure of speech. There are two types: tropes and schemes.


  5. anastropheinverting the natural order of words; a type of scheme (Think Yoda!)


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