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  1. dramatic irony
  2. antithesis
  3. consonance
  4. novel
  5. narrative
  1. a writing that tells a story; may be true or false or a combination
  2. b repetition of consonant sounds within words; a type of scheme
  3. c the audience/ reader sees or knows something that other characters cannot; ensuing events are ironic
  4. d the opposite or contrast of ideas written in similar sentence structure; a type of scheme
  5. e an extended work of fiction

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  1. an idea that resurfaces throughout an individual work
  2. a type of literature (be able to name some)
  3. one event is expected to occur, but something entirely different actually occurs
  4. repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words; a type of scheme
  5. the contrast between expectations and reality; 3 types exist

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  1. imagerya type of literature (be able to name some)


  2. foreshadowinghints or clues that prepare the reader for future events


  3. appositivea noun set beside another noun to explain or identify it; a type of scheme


  4. schemeinteresting ARRANGEMENT or play with words, often times to effect the sound; one of the two main figures of speech


  5. onomatopoeiaa speech given by one person; if alone on stage=soliloquy; if alone in a story=interior monologue


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