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  1. symbolism
  2. figurative language
  3. imagery
  4. motif
  5. conceit
  1. a an idea that resurfaces throughout an individual work
  2. b an elaborate metaphor that drives a whole poem or story; a type of trope
  3. c sensory detail
  4. d writing that goes beyond the literal, original use of the words; aka figure of speech. There are two types: tropes and schemes.
  5. e using a literal object to represent an abstract idea; a type of trope

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  1. a speech given by one person; if alone on stage=soliloquy; if alone in a story=interior monologue
  2. a type of literature (be able to name some)
  3. writing that tells a story; may be true or false or a combination
  4. referring to something by naming one part of the object; a type of trope
  5. words that MEAN more than what they say directly; one of the two main figures of speech

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  1. anadiplosisa word or a phrase is repeated twice in a row; it's at the end of one sentence or clause and then again at the beginning of the next sentence or clause; a type of scheme


  2. nonfictionprose written about real people, events, places, and ideas


  3. foreshadowinghints or clues that prepare the reader for future events


  4. novelan idea that resurfaces throughout an individual work


  5. alliterationrepetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words; a type of scheme


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