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  1. tunica
  2. houma
  3. chactaw
  4. caddo
  5. atakapa
  1. a used crawfish as totem
  2. b added cattle,horses,and pottery to their farms
  3. c gave their land to the U.S.
  4. d original location=calcasieu parish
  5. e original location=mississippi and aboyelles parish

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  1. not recodnized as tribe
  2. displaced by the spanish and french
  3. rituals in dance hall
  4. used weving,wood carving and palmedo baskets
  5. supported french in french and indian war

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  1. houmaoriginal location=mississippi and aboyelles parish


  2. chactawnow live in terrabbone and lafouce parishes


  3. chitimachagave their land to the U.S.


  4. natchezwore decorated clothing


  5. caushattabought land in bayou blue


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