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  1. chitimacha
  2. natchez
  3. houma
  4. atakapa
  1. a displaced by french
  2. b ruled by chief who inherited tradition
  3. c displaced by the spanish and french
  4. d used weving,wood carving and palmedo baskets

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  1. gave their land to the U.S.
  2. now live in terrabbone and lafouce parishes
  3. original location=angola
  4. were canables
  5. traders, major constributers of salt

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  1. natchezdisplaced by the spanish and french


  2. caddooriginal location=red river and its tributaries


  3. chitimachaclosed society


  4. chitimachaoriginal location=grant lake,butteu larose,mouth of bayou plaksman


  5. chactawbought land in bayou blue


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