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  1. chactaw
  2. tunica
  3. caddo
  4. houma
  1. a traders, major constributers of salt
  2. b cliften lives in rapids
  3. c not recodnized as tribe
  4. d sold their land and now live in oklahoma

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  1. now live in terrabbone and lafouce parishes
  2. each family had totem
  3. used crawfish as totem
  4. they lived in perminent towns
  5. original location=georgia,alabama,southern mississippi,and LA

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  1. natchezcliften lives in rapids


  2. natchezruler=great sun


  3. caddohunted on horse back


  4. chitimachacliften lives in rapids


  5. chactawgina tribe lives in grant parish


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