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  1. human resources/labor
  2. wages
  3. economic system
  4. producer
  5. production process
  1. a how a country's economy is organized, determines what to produce, how to produce it and who to produce it for
  2. b natural resources + human resources + capital resources = goods and services
  3. c one who grows agricultural products or manufactures goods
  4. d amount paid to an individual for services provided
  5. e human effort and energy used in production

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  1. one who uses goods or services
  2. items made or grown (produced)
  3. careful management of producing, distributing and consuming wealth and resources
  4. based on customs and traditions, people do what their ancestors did (generations)/Africa (tribal society)/India (caste system)/South American rural societies
  5. minerals, water, trees and land

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  1. secondary industrytransport and distribute goods and services - deal with communication - highways, telephones, airlines


  2. productive resourceswhat we need to produce goods and services,
    natural, human and capital resources


  3. marketanywhere goods or services are sold or traded


  4. capital resourcesbuildings, machines, tools and equipment


  5. scarcethere are not enough productive resources to provide all of the goods and services wanted by citizens


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