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Chemistry reactions Test

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  1. Combustion reactions:
  2. Decomposition:
  3. Single replacement rxns:
  4. both insoluble:
  5. Double replacement reactions:
  1. a they have to do with the electromotive series. it arranges most reacted to least reacted.
  2. b ab=a+b
  3. c will occur only if: both products are soluble, and it is a reaction between a acid and a base! memorize solubility rules!
  4. d hydrocarbon + o2= co2 + h2o
  5. e the reactions does occur

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  1. reactants
  2. chemical bonds are broken, atoms are rearranged and new chemical bonds are formed.
  3. this means electricity is used!
  4. except for those in rule 1, carbonates, hydroxides, oxides, sulfides, and phosphates are insoluble.
  5. yields

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  1. if it has H2SO4:this means a catalyst is present!


  2. one soluble and one insoluble:the reactions does occur


  3. Diatomic elements:they form a 7 on the periodic table: H, N, F,Cl,O,Br,I. all have a 2 at the end


  4. k-cd:will react with acids to produce a salt + h2


  5. Synthesis reactions:1)metal oxides + h2o form metal oh.
    2) nonmetal oxides + h2o form oxy-acids.
    3) alkali metals react readily with halogens to form salts.
    4) many metals react readily with oxyen to form metal oxides.


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