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  1. In single replacement rxns:
  2. if a yield sign has a triangle on top:
  3. k-cd:
  4. law of conservation of mass:
  5. both insoluble:
  1. a the reactions does occur
  2. b a element can replace any element in a compound if the element in the compound is below it on the electromotive series.
  3. c matter is neither created nor destroyed!
  4. d this means the reaction is heated!
  5. e react with steam to produce a metaloxide + h2 (h2o and h2)

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  1. ab+cd=cb+ad
  2. a+b=ab
  3. will occur only if: both products are soluble, and it is a reaction between a acid and a base! memorize solubility rules!
  4. 1)metal oxides + h2o form metal oh.
    2) nonmetal oxides + h2o form oxy-acids.
    3) alkali metals react readily with halogens to form salts.
    4) many metals react readily with oxyen to form metal oxides.
  5. only use the periodic table, no electromotive series! a nonmetal can replace a nonmetal below itself on the periodic table!
    f, o, cl, br, i

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  1. two soluble reactions:have no reaction


  2. k-pb:react with steam to produce a metaloxide + h2 (h2o and h2)


  3. single replacement rules:metals replace metals visversa! metals can replace hydrogen.


  4. the middle arrow:yields


  5. solubility rule 2:nitrates and acetates are soluble.


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