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  1. The first detectable action of CPG output function is
  2. Nucleus Ambiguus contains the cell bodies of the
  3. The ventral regions (NA) require input from the
  4. Insular cortex, particularly the anterior isula is involved in
  5. As viscosity increases
  1. a valve functions, such as VP closure, upper esophageal opening, and laryngeal closure also inscrease slightly in duration
  2. b motor neurons of CNs IX and X
  3. c dorsal regions (NTS) in the medulla to complete the swallow
  4. d contraction of mylohyoid
  5. e the coordination of interaction of oral musculature, gustation, and autonomic functions

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  1. interactions between motor and sensory nuclei
  2. sends information to the Nucleus Ambiguus to execute the specified motor sequence
  3. muscles spindles in the tongue via CN XII
  4. involuntary, stereotyped and identical in different people
  5. the less agility and control required, more forgiving when timin of swallow and coordination of transit are impaired

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  1. Nucleus Tractus Solitarius is located incell bodies of sensory neurons of CN VII, CN IX, CN X


  2. Thicker foods movemore slowly in response to gravity and compression


  3. Sensory Input involved in the initiation of a swallow comes fromCN V, CN VII, CN IX, CN X


  4. Nucleus Tractus Solitarius containscell bodies of sensory neurons of CN VII, CN IX, CN X


  5. Swallowing is different from a simple reflex in that it can not be elicited by isolated nerve activation, ratherinvoluntary, stereotyped and identical in different people


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