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  1. The ventral regions (NA) require input from the
  2. Receptor fields send sensory information via their respective fasciculi to
  3. As viscosity increases
  4. The more viscous the bolus
  5. CPG input functions
  1. a valve functions, such as VP closure, upper esophageal opening, and laryngeal closure also inscrease slightly in duration
  2. b receptor fields on the posterior tongue (CN IX), fauces, tonsils, velum (CN IX), mucosa of the valleculae and pyriform recesses (CN X) and the salivary glands (CN VII) are stimulated by the presence of the bolus
  3. c the less agility and control required, more forgiving when timin of swallow and coordination of transit are impaired
  4. d cell bodies comprising the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius
  5. e dorsal regions (NTS) in the medulla to complete the swallow

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  1. contraction of mylohyoid
  2. the supplemental motor area, anterior to M1
  3. muscles spindles in the tongue via CN XII
  4. produce simultaneous oral and pharyngeal phase activity in order to safely clear the large bolus from both the oral cavity and the pharynx
  5. CNs V, VII, XII

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  1. The "swallowing cortex" is important intime-ordered organization of movements, especially the sequential performance of multiple and voluntary movements


  2. As the bolus volume increasesthe timing of the tongue base retraction to contact the anteriorly and medially moving pharyngeal walls occurs later in the swallow


  3. The interneurons of the central pattern generator mediateinvoluntary, stereotyped and identical in different people


  4. The swallowing response is elicited froman interneuronal network of dorsal and ventral reticular bodies (in medulla) that comprise the central pattern generator


  5. Thin liquids aredeformed more easily and move more readily in response to gravity and compression


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