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  1. Receptor fields send sensory information via their respective fasciculi to
  2. Thicker foods also heighten
  3. CPG input functions
  4. The first detectable action of CPG output function is
  5. In the brainstem, pharyngeal swallowing is triggered sequential bursts of interneurons of known duration that are then
  1. a receptor fields on the posterior tongue (CN IX), fauces, tonsils, velum (CN IX), mucosa of the valleculae and pyriform recesses (CN X) and the salivary glands (CN VII) are stimulated by the presence of the bolus
  2. b the sensory awareness of food
  3. c contraction of mylohyoid
  4. d cell bodies comprising the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius
  5. e directed to various cranial nerve nuclei to translate the bursts into messages sent to muscles for specific action or contraction pattern

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  1. muscles spindles in the tongue via CN XII
  2. on thicker food
  3. motor neurons of CNs IX and X
  4. structures involved in motor control including motor/pre-motor cortex via descending motor pathways
  5. involuntary, stereotyped and identical in different people

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  1. Small volume swallows, such as salivaproduce simultaneous oral and pharyngeal phase activity in order to safely clear the large bolus from both the oral cavity and the pharynx


  2. The "swallowing cortex" is important inthe supplemental motor area, anterior to M1


  3. The Nucleus Ambiguus is located in thethe dorsal medulla in the brainstem


  4. Sensory Input involved in the initiation of a swallow comes frommuscles spindles in the tongue via CN XII


  5. If stimulus threshold is reached in NTS thensends information to the Nucleus Ambiguus to execute the specified motor sequence


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