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  1. decorum
  2. juggernaut
  3. incarcerate
  4. epistle
  5. hue
  1. a
    (n) a letter or literary composition in letter form
  2. b (n) conformity to accepted standards of conduct; proper behavior
  3. c
    (v) to put into prison; to confine
  4. d (n) a terrible, destructive, or irresistible force
  5. e
    (n) a particular shade of a given color

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  1. (adj) stern and ill-humored
  2. (adj) thrifty; economical in money matters
  3. adj. unable to be appeased or pacified
  4. (v) to urge on with stirring words
  5. (adj) exhibiting sorrow or pain

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  1. gradiloquent(adj) concerning farms, farmers, or the use of land


  2. amicable(adj) friendly; agreeable; easy to talk to


  3. obstreperous(adj) stern; severe; plain


  4. bawdy(adj) indecent; humorously obscene


  5. austere
    (n) a particular shade of a given color


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