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  1. inscrutable
  2. latent
  3. extrovert
  4. feasible
  5. gradiloquent
  1. a (adj) present, but not active; hidden
  2. b (adj) pompus or high-flown in speech
  3. c (adj) reasonable; capable of being carried out
  4. d (n) one who is outgoing; one who is energized rather than drained by interactions with others
  5. e (adj) not easily understood; hard to fathom

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  1. (adj) dry and withered
  2. (v) to annoy or harass

  3. (adj) threatening; foreboding evil
  4. (n) excessive praise or admiration
  5. (n) a terrible, destructive, or irresistible force

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  1. pernicious(adj) difficult; requiring much effort


  2. frowzy(adj) indecent; humorously obscene


  3. audacity(n) intentional deceit in speech or conduct


  4. enhance(v) to increase the value or beauty of something


  5. evoke(v)to summon forth


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