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  1. expatriate
  2. dour
  3. expedient
  4. inscrutable
  5. lexicon
  1. a (n) a dictionary; a specialized vocabulary used in a particular field or place
  2. b (adj) not easily understood; hard to fathom
  3. c (adj) stern and ill-humored
  4. d (n) someone who chooses to live outside of, or renounce, his or her native country
  5. e (adj) practical; providing an immediate advantage

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  1. (n) ill-natured, bitter hostility
  2. (n) the whole range or extent

  3. (adj) amusing in an odd or whimsical way
  4. (n) very large number
  5. (adj) having unlimited knowledge; all-knowing

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  1. galvanize(n) a long, strongly expressed speech or lecture/ Syn: tirade


  2. gadfly(adj) indecent; humorously obscene


  3. frugal(adj) unkempt; slovenly in appearance


  4. hue
    (n) a particular shade of a given color


  5. marital(adj) having to do with marriage


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