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  1. dole
  2. harry
  3. audacity
  4. effigy
  5. clandestine
  1. a (n) a crude dummy or image representing a hated person or group
  2. b (adj) secret
  3. c (v) to distribute; to give out sparingly
  4. d (v) to annoy or harass
  5. e (n) rude boldness; nerve

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  1. (n) a letter or literary composition in letter form
  2. (v)to express disapproval of

  3. (v) to expose oneself to pleasant warmth
  4. (adj) simple in outlook; not affected or worldly; especially innocent
  5. (adj) joking, humorous

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  1. magnanimous(adj) noble; generous in forgiving; free from petty feelings or acts


  2. emulate(adj) commonplace; earthly and not spiritual


  3. harangue(v) to annoy or harass


  4. sychophant(n) a flatterer, one who fauns on others in order to gain favor/Syn.toady


  5. feasible(v) to persuade with false promises and flattery


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