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  1. chastise
  2. levity
  3. genial
  4. evoke
  5. me'tier
  1. a (v)to summon forth
  2. b (adj) friendly; amiable
  3. c (v) to punish severely
  4. d (n) the work one is especially suited for; one's specialty; an occupation
  5. e (n) lightness of disposition; lack of seriousness

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  1. (adj) sharp; keen; cutting straight to the heart of the matter
  2. (v) to persuade with false promises and flattery
  3. (n) rude boldness; nerve
  4. (adj) of huge or extraordinary size and power
  5. (v) to startle into sudden activity

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  1. avid(adj) enthusiastic; extremely interested


  2. enunciate(v) to state clearly and distinctly; to pronounce


  3. enraptured(adj) delighted beyond measure


  4. naive(n) a beginner; one who is inexperienced


  5. obstreperous(adj) exaggeratedly or insincerely polite


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