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  1. juggernaut
  2. evoke
  3. inane
  4. exult
  5. ominous
  1. a (v) to rejoice; to feel triumphant
  2. b (adj) without sense or meaning; silly
  3. c (v)to summon forth
  4. d
    (adj) threatening; foreboding evil
  5. e (n) a terrible, destructive, or irresistible force

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  1. (n) a beginner; one who is inexperienced
  2. (n) lack of energy; sluggishness
  3. (v)to express disapproval of
  4. (v) to startle into sudden activity
  5. (v) to urge on with stirring words

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  1. hyperbole(n) extreme exaggeration for effect and not meant to be taken literally


  2. sere(adj) unable to act or move; inactive; sluggish


  3. fickle(adj) joking, humorous


  4. enhance(v) to increase the value or beauty of something


  5. hoax(n) a particular shade of a given color


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