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  1. adulation
  2. collaborate
  3. deprecate
  4. extrovert
  5. altercation
  1. a (n) a heated argument
  2. b (v) to work with another toward a goal
  3. c (n) one who is outgoing; one who is energized rather than drained by interactions with others
  4. d (v)to express disapproval of
  5. e (n) excessive praise or admiration

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  1. (v) to rejoice; to feel triumphant
  2. (adj) having unlimited knowledge; all-knowing
  3. (adj) disguised; pretending not to be oneself
  4. (n) a particular shade of a given color
  5. (n) a beginner; one who is inexperienced

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  1. genial(adj) friendly; amiable


  2. chastise(v) to punish severely


  3. harry(adj) stern and ill-humored


  4. evince(n) a beginner; one who is inexperienced


  5. cajole(v) to persuade with false promises and flattery


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