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  1. lachry
  2. ign
  3. multi
  4. vice
  5. ob
  1. a many multifarious, multitudinous, multilateral, multiped, multiply Latin
  2. b in place of vice versa, vice president, vice consul, viceroy, vice-regent Latin
  3. c tear lachrymose, lachrymatory, lachrymal Latin
  4. d against obloquy, objurgation, obdurate, obsequious, oblique, obsolete, obstinate Latin
  5. e fire ignite, igneous, ignis fatuus, ignition, reignite, ignescent, ignitron Latin

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  1. form cytoplasm, endoplasm, ectoplasm, plasma, plasmodium Greek
  2. lung pneumogastric, pneumonia, pneumonectomy, pneumobacillus Greek
  3. soft mollify, emollient, mollusk, mollescent Latin
  4. circle orbit, exorbitant, orbital, orbicular, orbital decay, supraorbital Latin
  5. finger prestidigitation, digital, digitation Latin

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  1. linline linear, delineate, lineation, lineal, rectilinear, lineage Latin


  2. vectcarry convection, vector, invective, vectorial Latin


  3. dendrblack melanin, melanite, melancholy, Melanesia, melanoma, melanocyte Greek


  4. lignwood lignite, lignify, ligneous, lignocellulose Latin


  5. vermihalf hemisphere, hemialgia, hemiplegia, hemipterous, hemicrania Greek


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