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  1. Valves
  2. Does Electrolyte need to be replaced during exercise?
  3. Minerals
  4. Saliva Glands
  5. The transfer of heat by air currents. i.e. air conditioner
  1. a *Parotid

    1.5 Liters
  2. b Convection
  3. c What is Inorganic substances necessary for body functions. i.e. muscle contraction Essential to health?
  4. d No, loss is minimal
  5. e Sphincters; prevent back-flow (influenced by nervous system).

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  1. Fat yield twice the amt of energy (per unit wt) as proteins or carbs.
  2. Glucose
  3. Dilation & Constriction of superficial blood vessels.
  4. Lymph
  5. *Pores; carriers; pumps; pinocytosis (drinking in)
    * Not just a process of diffusion
    *Active "shuttle" transport
    *Are selective
    *Carriers are specific
    *Take energy (kCal) for digestion; Dietary induced thermagenesis

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  1. the direct transfer of heat from one substance to another substance that it is touching. i.e. ice pack, touching hot tea cupConvection


  2. Digestion is affected by:Glycerol & Fatty Acids


  3. Glycogenesis(Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen


  4. Digestion in Small Stomach/ Small Intestine* Receipt, maceration & transport of ingested substance & waste prod.
    *Secretion of acid, mucus, digest enzymes, bile & oth materials
    *Digestion of ingested foodstuffs
    *Absorption of materials
    *Storage of waste products
    *Ancillary functions


  5. Proteins breaks down (Catabolism) to?The least amt of energy needed to maintain life while body is at rest.


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