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  1. Metabolism
  2. Fat-soluble nutrient go into?
    (lacteals are lymph digest system)
  3. Does Electrolyte need to be replaced during exercise?
  4. Chyme
  5. Glycogenesis
  1. a *Nutrients absorbed from the digestive tract are used for all the body's cellular activities; Catabolism & Anabolism.

    *Glucose is the main energy source for body cells, the building blocks of fats & protein may metabolize for energy.
  2. b Well liquefied mass in stomach ->(pylorus)
  3. c (Anabolism/build up)Glucose to glycogen
  4. d Lymph
  5. e No, loss is minimal

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  1. Carb-> Glycogen->glucose ->glycogen
  2. *Pores; carriers; pumps; pinocytosis (drinking in)
    * Not just a process of diffusion
    *Active "shuttle" transport
    *Are selective
    *Carriers are specific
    *Take energy (kCal) for digestion; Dietary induced thermagenesis
  3. *AKA (Citric Acid Cycle)
    *Handles other substrates
    *Intermediate molecules used: proteins & lipids
    *Replenishment of intermediates necessary
  4. Evaporation
  5. *Amount of energy generated from nutrients in a given period.
    *Varies per individual

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  1. ValvesSphincters; prevent back-flow (influenced by nervous system).


  2. Essential amino acids(and essential fatty acids), Amino acids that are needed, but cannot be made by the body; they must be eatin in foods.
    * Nine of the twenty amino acids that are essential nutrients: lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan, leucine, isoleucine, valine, phenylalanine, and histidine


  3. Stomach Digestion1. Semi-liquid & contains ~50% water

    2. Process:
    *Food remain in stomach about 0.5-2hr
    *Gastric juice (mucus, HCL)=2000-2500 mL/d

    3. Food Leaves:
    *CHO:protein;lipid(takes the longest)

    4. Stomach emptied in 1-4 hr
    *Strenuous Exercise may delay gastric emptying by decreased blood flow
    *Lipid & protein delay gastric emptying


  4. DiverticulitisInflammation of abnormal side pockets in the intestinal wall.


  5. What regulates Heat Loss from the skin?Glycerol & Fatty Acids


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