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  1. light therapy
  2. anode
  3. fulling
  4. gommage
  5. cream masks
  1. a Form of petrissage in which the tissue is grasped, gently lifted, and spread out; used mainly for massaging the arms.
  2. b Application of light erays to the skin for treating disorders.
  3. c Mask treatments for dry skin that do not harden or dry on the face.
  4. d enzyme peels in which a cream is applied to the skin before steaming and forms a hardened crust that is then massaged or rolled off the skin also called vegtal peeling
  5. e a positively charged electrode by which electrons leave an electrical device

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  1. Nonfoaming lotion cleanser for the face.
  2. Removal of excess dead cells from the skin surface.
  3. Liquid that helps remove the excess oil in the skin
  4. Substances that help speed up the breakdon of the keratin, the protein of skin.
  5. A rotating electric appliance with interchanheable brushes that can be attached to the rotating head.

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  1. hackingChopping movement performed with the edges of the hands in massage.


  2. exfoliantsOil or fatty ingredients that prevent moisture from leaving the skin.


  3. ampoulesSealed glass vials containing highly concentrated extract in a water or oil base.


  4. Alpha hydroxy acidsAcids derived from plants, mostly fruit, and used to exfoliate the skin


  5. clay based masksClay preparations used to stimulate circulation and temporary contract the pores of the skin


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