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  1. solution
  2. hypocalcemia
  3. osmotic pressure
  4. hypotonic
  5. respiratory alkalosis
  1. a abnormally low level of calcium in the blood
  2. b a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
  3. c (of a solution) having a lower osmotic pressure than a comparison solution
  4. d alkalosis resulting from increased gas exchange in the lungs (as in hyperventilation associated with extreme anxiety or aspirin intoxication or metabolic acidosis)
  5. e the pressure exerted by a solution necessary to prevent osmosis into that solution when it is separated from the pure solvent by a semipermeable membrane

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  1. puncture of a vein to remove blood, instill a medication, or start an intravenous infusion
  2. VAD, devices such as a needle, cannula, or catheter that allow direct access to the circulatory system
  3. mEq/L, number of grams of a specific electrolyte dissolved in 1 L of plasma.
  4. FVD, when you lose more water than you take in. electrolytes are lost in the same proportion
  5. water loss that is noticed by a person, such as through urine output and sweating

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  1. atrial natriuretic peptideA peptide hormone secreted by cardiac atrial cells in response to atrial distension (increased blood flow); causes increased renal sodium excretion and as such lowers blood pressure (antagonizing aldosterone). causes vasodilation and osmoregulation.


  2. osmosiswater moves from a more dilute solution (of a solute) to a more concentrated solution (of the solute) through a membrane that is permeable to the solvent until the solution is equalized


  3. osmolalitythe concentration of solutes in body fluids


  4. hypernatremiaexcessive amounts of sodium in the blood


  5. hydrostatic pressurePressure exerted by a volume of fluid against a wall, membrane, or some other structure that encloses the fluid.


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