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acid base balance Test

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  1. oncotic pressure
  2. anion gap
  3. hypomagnesemia
  4. venipuncture
  5. electronic infusion device
  1. a puncture of a vein to remove blood, instill a medication, or start an intravenous infusion
  2. b EID - a piece of medical equipment that delivers intravenous fluids at a prescribed rate through an intravenous catheter
  3. c The osmotic pressure in the blood vessels due only to plasma proteins (primarily albumin) --> causes water to rush back into capillaries at end.
  4. d deficiency of magnesium in the blood plasma
  5. e difference between the concentrations of serum cations and anions, determined by measuring the concentrations of sodium cations and chloride and bicarbonate anions.

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  1. ABG, measures the partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the arterial blood
  2. device that delivers fluids and medications under positive pressure.
  3. abnormally low level of sodium in the blood
  4. a substance that dissolves in water to give a solution that conducts an electric current
  5. energy-requiring process that moves material across a cell membrane against a concentration difference

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  1. homologous transfusiontransfusion prepared from another individual whose blood is compatible with that of the recipient. Also called allogeneic transfusion


  2. hypernatremiathe presence of abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood


  3. homeostasislysis of erythrocytes with the release of hemoglobin


  4. hypochloremiadeficiency of chloride in the blood plasma


  5. hypokalemiaabnormally low level of calcium in the blood


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