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  1. NSAID Drugs
  2. DMARD Toxcities
  3. Cyclophosphamide
  4. Fingolimod
  5. Trastuzumab
  1. a Cancer Treatment
    MOA: HER2/neu, Growth Factor receptor
    Clical Uses: Breast Cancer
  2. b Osteoporosis
    Cushingoid appearance
    impaired glucose metab
    cataract glaucoma
    Skin thinning
  3. c DNA-Alkylating Agent
    Clinical Uses: prevention/reversal and reversal of graft rejection
    Treatment of auto-immune disease
    Myasthenia Gravis
  4. d Lymphocyte Trafficking Inhibitors
    MOA: Prodrug, Phosphorylated by sphingosine kinase
    Blocks lymphocyte from exiting lymph nodes causes lymphopenia
    Targets CD4>CD8>b-cells
    Clinical Uses: Relapsing MS, Taken Orally
    Adverse Effect: Bradycardia, Opportunistic infections
  5. e Aspirin

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  1. inhibits transcription of inflammatory mediators
    Increase some anti-inflammatory regulator genes
    Decrease production of cytokines
    Reduced expression of adhesion molecules =decreased leukocyte adhesion
  2. Corticosteroid
    Tox: DMARD
  3. Soluable ligand/Receptor drugs
    MOA: TNF receptor Fc fusion protein, Binds soluable TNF, Blocks TNF
    Clinical Uses: Used for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Psoriasis
  4. Immunosupressant
    MOA: IgE antagonist
    Clinical Uses: Asthma
  5. Lymphocyte Trafficking Inhibitors
    MOA:alpha-4 integrin blocks vascular adhesion molecuels prevents T lymphocyte entry into brain or gut
    Clinical Uses: Relapsing MS, Crohns Disease
    Adverse Effects: Risk ofr multi focal leukoencephalopathy

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  1. RituximabLeukemia/lymphoma therapy
    MOA: anti CD33 w/calicheamicin. Binds CD33+ cells Drug is internalized binds to DNA resulting in DNA double stranded breaks and cell death


  2. NSAIDS clinical UsesInflammatory conditions
    Not for transplantation


  3. DMARD clinical Usesprevention of acute allograft rejection
    Treatment of all inflammatory conditions
    Short-term anti-inflammatory


  4. ChlorambucilmTOR inhibitor
    MOA: Inhibits T-cell proliferation
    binds FKBP-12 and inhibits mTOR pathway
    Blocks IL-2 signalling
    Clinical Uses: prevention of renal transplant rejection
    Adverse Effects: Nephrotoxicity, Hypercholestrolemia, Hyper triglyceridemia, mylosuppression


  5. Calcineurin Inhibitors MOAprevent Ca2+ binding to calcineurin
    black signal transduction pathway
    Prevents IL-2 produciton
    Prevents T-cell proliferation
    B cell phagocyte function spared


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