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  1. Calcineurin Inhibitors MOA
  2. Chlorambucil
  3. Prednisone
  4. Gemtuzumab
  5. Azthioprine
  1. a prevent Ca2+ binding to calcineurin
    black signal transduction pathway
    Prevents IL-2 produciton
    Prevents T-cell proliferation
    B cell phagocyte function spared
  2. b DNA-Alkylating Agent
    Clinical Uses: prevention/reversal and reversal of graft rejection
    Treatment of auto-immune disease
    Myasthenia Gravis
  3. c Corticosteroid
    MOA: converted in-vivo to prednisolone
    DMARD Tox
  4. d Purine Antagonist
    MOA: pro-drug 6-mercaptopurine
    Clinical Uses: Tx of Rheumatoid Arthritis Anti-inflammatory, graft rejection
    Adverse Effects: Myelosuppression, Dose dependent, Neutropenia, thrombocytopenia
    Contra-Indication: current infection
  5. e Leukemia/lymphoma therapy
    MOA: anti CD33 w/calicheamicin. Binds CD33+ cells Drug is internalized binds to DNA resulting in DNA double stranded breaks and cell death

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  1. mTOR inhibitor
    MOA: Inhibits T-cell proliferation
    binds FKBP-12 and inhibits mTOR pathway
    Blocks IL-2 signalling
    Clinical Uses: prevention of renal transplant rejection
    Adverse Effects: Nephrotoxicity, Hypercholestrolemia, Hyper triglyceridemia, mylosuppression
  2. prevention of acute allograft rejection
    Treatment of all inflammatory conditions
    Short-term anti-inflammatory
  3. Leukemia/lymphoma Therapy
    MOA: CD20 binding, Blocks Ca2+ channel on B-cell
    Clinical Uses: CLL, B-cell lymphoma
  4. reduce inflammation
    target non-specifc inflammtory cells
    overlapping therapuetic goals
    inhibits PG synthesis
    inhibits COX1/COX2 activity
    no effect on T/B cells
  5. Calcineurin Inhibitor
    MOA: prevents IL2/IL-2 receptor production
    Clinical Uses: prevetion of graft rejection, not reverse graft rejection
    Tox: Reversible B-lympoproliferatie disorders, Nephrotoxic

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  1. FingolimodLymphocyte Trafficking Inhibitors
    MOA: Prodrug, Phosphorylated by sphingosine kinase
    Blocks lymphocyte from exiting lymph nodes causes lymphopenia
    Targets CD4>CD8>b-cells
    Clinical Uses: Relapsing MS, Taken Orally
    Adverse Effect: Bradycardia, Opportunistic infections


  2. TrastuzumabCancer Treatment
    MOA: HER2/neu, Growth Factor receptor
    Clical Uses: Breast Cancer


  3. AbataceptSoluable Ligand/Receptor Drugs
    MOA: Soluable CTLA4-Ig, competitive inhibitor of CD28
    prevents co-stimulatory CD80/86
    Prevents T-cell activation and cytokine release
    Clinical Uses: Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis


  4. CyclophosphamideDNA-Alkylating Agent
    Clinical Uses: prevention/reversal and reversal of graft rejection
    Treatment of auto-immune disease
    Myasthenia Gravis


  5. InfliximabTNF antagonist
    MOA: TNF targeting
    Clinical Uses: Crohns disease, RA, Ulcerative Colitis,


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