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  1. Alexander Hamilton
  2. first party system
  3. Checks and balances
  4. The Great Compromise
  5. Bank of the United States
  1. a Proposed by Alexander Hamilton (1791 :: 20-year charter)
    government was the major stockholder.
    strong and stable national currency.
    Jefferson opposed the bank (as a republican); he thought it was un-constitutional.

    A place where all the tax money would go, money would be printed, loans issued, and loans regulated.
  2. b All bills would originate in the house
    Direct taxes on states according to population

    2 houses
    -the senate would have 2 representatives from each state
    -House of Representatives would be based on population
  3. c Leader of the Federalists. First Secretary of the Treasury. He advocated creation of a national bank, assumption of state debts by the federal government, and a tariff system to pay off the national debt.
  4. d A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches in order to prevent abuse of power
  5. e loosely organized Federalist party and Democratic-Republican party;
    - Revolution of 1800. John Adams (Fed.) and Thomas Jefferson (Republican) ran
    - Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr as vice president (both Republican) replaced all Federalists except in Judiciary --> in desperation, Federalists passed Judiciary Act of 1801 allowing midnight appointees of several Fed. judges.

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  1. General in the Revolutionary War
    -first President of the United States
    -set precedence for the country: 2 terms in office, the three executive departments
    -against political parties
  2. This collection of essays by John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison, explained the importance of a strong central government, and defending it.
  3. failed to compensate Brit assaults on ships and withdrawal of Brit forces from frontier, but prevented war, established American sovereignty over Northwest, satisfactory commercial relationship

    - allowed peace to be made with Spain b/c raised fears of Brit/American alliance in North America, Pinckney's treaty 1795 recognized US right to Mississippi, Florida border, control of Indian raids from FL
  4. Democratic Republican candidates Jefferson and Burr tie with 73 electoral votes each (Federalist candidate Adams gets 65); tie goes to House of Representatives; Hamilton hated Burr more, went to House and got more votes for Jefferson; Burr later kills Hamilton in a duel

    Led to the 12th amendment, Brought about by the Jefferson/Burr tie, stated that presidential and vice-presidential nominees would run on the same party ticket. Before that time, all of the candidates ran against each other, with the winner becoming president and second-place becoming vice-president.
  5. government free from external control

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  1. Judiciary Act of 1801established a Supreme Court (with a Chief Justice and five associate justices) and district courts


  2. Annapolis ConferenceThis meeting was called by Alexander Hamilton and others to talk about the lowering of taxes and tariffs to increase trade between the states.


  3. John Adam's Presidency2nd President (after Washington) who was a Federalist and hated Hamilton. He inherited a violent quarrel with France (who were furious about Jay's Treaty because it was in violation of Franco-American alliance).


  4. Report on Manufacturingthe division of power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government


  5. whiskey rebellion- farmers in Pennsylvania rebelled against Hamilton's excise tax on whiskey
    - an army, led by Washington, put down the rebellion.
    - The incident showed that the new government under the Constitution could react swiftly and effectively to such a problem, in contrast to the inability of the government under the Articles of Confederation to deal with Shay's Rebellion.


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