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Connective Tissue Test

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  1. 1. Cells- white & red blood cells
    2. Matrix- liquid
    3. Location- all over
  2. 1. Cells- fat cells
    2. Matrix- gel- like fat droplets
    3. Location- all over- insulates body, protects organs, fuel storage
  3. 1. Cells- chondrocytes
    (cartilage cells)
    2. Matrix- rubbery collagen fibers
    3. Location- ribs, ends of bones

2 True/False Questions

  1. Fibrocartilage1. Cells- chondrocytes
    2. Matrix- rubbery collagen fibers
    3. Location- between vertebrae


  2. Areolar Connective Tissue1. Cell- fibroblast (make fiber)
    2. Matrix- collagen fibers rubbery
    3. Location- tendons-connect muscle to bone and ligaments-connect bone to bone


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