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  1. remnant
  2. didache
  3. catechesis
  4. TaNaK
  5. canon
  1. a a popular designation for the Hebrew Scriptures
  2. b "teaching"
  3. c Education in the faith
  4. d Exiles and former exiles who remained faithful to YHWH during the time of their captivity
  5. e The official list of inspired books in the Bible

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  1. Refers to books in the Old Testament not found in the Hebrew Scripture
  2. The offical public worship of the Church
  3. For example, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekial
  4. Also referred to as deuterocanonical
  5. meaning "Prophets"

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  1. Ketubimmeaning "Prophets"


  2. patriarchsAbraham,Isaac, and Jacob


  3. Leviticusthe third book of the Pentateuch examines the particulars of the Law


  4. idolatryThe offical public worship of the Church


  5. Numberspicks up the story of the Jews in the desert and takes them to the border of the Promised Land


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