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  1. canon
  2. Bible
  3. TaNaK
  4. sages
  5. apocalypse
  1. a wise men who taught about the ways of God for a people struggling to live as a community
  2. b a popular designation for the Hebrew Scriptures
  3. c has been translated into more than two thousand languages
  4. d The official list of inspired books in the Bible
  5. e A greek word for "revelation"

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  1. "begininng"
  2. For example, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekial
  3. meaning "Prophets"
  4. the third book of the Pentateuch examines the particulars of the Law
  5. meaning "Writings"

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  1. kerygmameaning "Prophets"


  2. Old TestamentExiles and former exiles who remained faithful to YHWH during the time of their captivity


  3. Micahhis poetic images are drawn from rural life, and his viewpoint was that of a peasant outraged by the injustices landowners committed against the poor


  4. Numbersmeaning "Prophets"


  5. minor prophetsTwelve prophets who have books of the Old Testament named for them


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