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  1. Conrad Lawrence
  2. Sensory motor
  3. Diana Baumrind
  4. Concrete operations is
  5. Attachment
  1. a The developmental stage which spans from birth to age 2
  2. b The attachment between human mother and infant
  3. c Researcher who was an expert in parenting style
  4. d Performed studies on imprinting using geese, ducks and chicks as subjects.
  5. e The stage is also known as the age of reason and the child is more logical and reasonable

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  1. The person has gained full abstract mental ability and the brain has fully developed
  2. Parenting style in which few rules are presented, a child's freedom is maximized and punishment is considered harmful for the child.
  3. Have the power in Authoritarian parenting
  4. Proposed Cognitive theory
  5. Secure attachment

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  1. Children of Permissive parentsHave better self control and are psychologically healthy


  2. Secure attachmentType of attachment where baby is insecure without mom and and has a high level of separation anxiety


  3. Cognitive theoryThe developmental stage which spans from birth to age 2


  4. AuthoritarianParenting style where parents word is law, children are to obey and to not obey = punishment for the children.


  5. Children of Authoritarian parentsBehave, are polite, non disruptive, shy, introverted and are anxious during tests


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