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  1. The preferred type of attachment between human mother and baby
  2. Children of Permissive parents
  3. Authoritative parenting
  4. Children of Authoritative parents
  5. Formal operations
  1. a Are honest, open, gregorius but do question authority, can be impulsive, can be impolite and can be disruptive in a classroom
  2. b Have better self control and are psychologically healthy
  3. c The stage of human development after age 11 onward
  4. d Secure attachment
  5. e Parenting style in which a democratic atmosphere is promoted with the parents setting limits for the children but also listen to the child's and respect the child

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  1. The "good" type of attachment
  2. The baby/person is insecure for life
  3. The person has gained full abstract mental ability and the brain has fully developed
  4. Type of attachment where baby is insecure without mom and and has a high level of separation anxiety
  5. Have the power in permissive parenting

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  1. Margaret AinsworthHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


  2. Sensory motorThe developmental stage which spans from birth to age 2


  3. Secure attachmentType of attachment where baby has trust and is able to be left with a non mom caregiver


  4. Came up with the 3 "styles" of parentingDiana Baumrind


  5. The two "types" of attachment for humansSecure and insecure attachment


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