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  1. Imprinting
  2. Authoritative parenting
  3. The preffered style of parenting is
  4. The result of Maternal separation
  5. Attachment
  1. a The attachment between human mother and infant
  2. b Authoritative parenting.
  3. c Social bonding between members of the same species
  4. d Parenting style in which a democratic atmosphere is promoted with the parents setting limits for the children but also listen to the child's and respect the child
  5. e An adult monkey who is a loner, is antisocial, has increased homosexual tendencies and beats and or kills any young they have

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  1. States there are four stages of development in the human mind:
    Sensory motor
    Concrete and
  2. The period of time that mother and infant reeses monkeys were sperated
  3. Have better self control and are psychologically healthy
  4. The "bad" type of attachment
  5. The most rapid mental growth stage, where increased activity of a child is necessary

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  1. Wire or terry cloth objectsAre honest, open, gregorius but do question authority, can be impulsive, can be impolite and can be disruptive in a classroom


  2. Harry and Margaret MarlowPerformed studies on imprinting using geese, ducks and chicks as subjects.


  3. Came up with the 3 "styles" of parentingDiana Baumrind


  4. The preferred type of attachment between human mother and babySecure attachment


  5. Two way streetWhen kids and parents share the power in their relationship


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