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  1. The preferred type of attachment between human mother and baby
  2. Sensory motor
  3. Concrete operations
  4. When a babies needs are NOT met
  5. Children of Authoritarian parents
  1. a The baby/person is insecure for life
  2. b The stage of human development from ages 7 to 11
  3. c Secure attachment
  4. d Behave, are polite, non disruptive, shy, introverted and are anxious during tests
  5. e The developmental stage which spans from birth to age 2

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  1. Performed studies of maternal separation on human mothers and infants
  2. Parenting style where parents word is law, children are to obey and to not obey = punishment for the children.
  3. The period of time that mother and infant reeses monkeys were sperated
  4. Secure and insecure attachment
  5. The stage is also known as the age of reason and the child is more logical and reasonable

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  1. The preffered style of parenting isAuthoritative parenting.


  2. ImprintingHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


  3. Two way streetProposed Cognitive theory


  4. AttachmentProposed Cognitive theory


  5. PreoperationalThe developmental stage between the ages of 2-7


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