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  1. In the Formal operations stage
  2. Margaret Ainsworth
  3. Insecure attachment
  4. Secure attachment
  5. Imprinting
  1. a Performed studies of maternal separation on human mothers and infants
  2. b The "good" type of attachment
  3. c The "bad" type of attachment
  4. d Social bonding between members of the same species
  5. e The person has gained full abstract mental ability and the brain has fully developed

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  1. The stage of human development from ages 7 to 11
  2. Have the power in Authoritarian parenting
  3. When kids and parents share the power in their relationship
  4. The developmental stage which spans from birth to age 2
  5. Performed studies of maternal seperation on mother and infant Reeses monkeys

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  1. AttachmentThe attachment between human mother and infant


  2. 6 monthsHave the power in Authoritarian parenting


  3. The result of Maternal separationAn adult monkey who is a loner, is antisocial, has increased homosexual tendencies and beats and or kills any young they have


  4. Formal operationsThe stage of human development from ages 7 to 11


  5. Wire or terry cloth objectsThe most rapid mental growth stage, where increased activity of a child is necessary


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