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  1. short and to the point
  2. to cause a lowering of self-esteem; to lower in reputation or character; degrading
  3. to try to equal; to imitate
  4. abrupt in manner or speech; gruff
  5. install in office with a formal ceremony 2. to begin officially or mark the opening of 3. the act of installing in office

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  1. pervadeto spread throughout


  2. proprietoran owner of a store or other business


  3. resilient1. capable of recovering quickly from misfortune 2. returning quickly to an original shape or condition 3. the ability to recover or spring back


  4. avid1.Having a strong desire for, to the point of greed 2. eager;enthusiastic


  5. turbulent1. chaotic; unruly 2. stormy; tempestuous 3. great disturbance or agitation


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