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  1. Jesus teaches us that when we seek his healing, whether from physical ills, from hurt, or from the suffering caused by sin, we must have _____.
  2. In witnessing Jesus' _______, the disciples saw Jesus' power to act in ways that went beyond the ordinary laws of nature.
  3. There were _______disciples of Jesus who shared his mission in a special way and were known as his Apostles
  4. Jesus prepared his twelve _________ to lead and serve the whole community of his disciples
  5. The is a__________ day set apart to rest and honor God.
  6. Jesus' _______ were men and women who traveled with Jesus, witnessed his healings and miracles, and heard his preaching.

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  1. MatthewThe Apostle ______ left his job as a tax collector to follow Jesus' call.


  2. IsaiahIn the synagogue Jesus read the words of the prophet _____ and announced that he came to fulfill them.


  3. to bring people to faith and to enhance their lives.Jesus performed miracles ___________________.


  4. IsaiahJesus was the Anointed One, who had come to fulfill the words of the prophet ______ by liberating people and setting them free from sickness, hunger, fear, sin, and even death.


  5. AndrewThe Apostle ______ left his job as a tax collector to follow Jesus' call.


  6. JohnJesus' healing and forgiveness were special signs that he was not only human but ______.


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