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  1. Hematopoiesis
  2. Scoliosis
  3. Ankylosis
  4. Osteoclast
  5. Osteoarthritic
  1. a When the scar tissue eventually ossifies, and the bone ends become firmly fused.
  2. b giant bone-destroying cells in bones that break down bone matrix and release calcium ions into the blood.
  3. c Blood cell formation that occurs within the marrow cavities of certain bones.
  4. d the most common form of arthritis, a chronic degenerative condition that typically affects the aged.
  5. e abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.

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  1. blood-filled swelling when a bone breaks.
  2. the ends of the long bone, consists of a thin layer of compact bone enclosing an area filled with spongy bone.
  3. a chronic inflammatory disorder, it's a disorder in which the body's immune system attempts to destroy its own tissues.
  4. an almost immovable joint between bones bound by cartilage.
  5. happens when a bone is forced out of its normal position in the joint cavity.

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  1. Synarthroses/fibrous jointfreely movable joints


  2. Bursitis"water on the knee" due to the inflammation of bursae or synovial membrane.


  3. Reductionhappens when a bone is forced out of its normal position in the joint cavity.


  4. LacunaeConcentric rings/circles made up of groups of hollow tubes of bone matrix that the lacunae are arranged in.


  5. DiaphysisElongated shaft of a long bone.


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