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  1. dar una paseo en bote de vela
  2. resbalarse/deslizarse
  3. ir de excursión
  4. ir de camping
  5. zambullirse al agua
  1. a to go camping
  2. b to go on an outing
  3. c to slip
  4. d to go sailing
  5. e to plunge into the water

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  1. to lose your balance
  2. to fracture a shoulder
  3. to break a leg
  4. to picnic
  5. meadow

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  1. dar una vuelta en bicicletato go horseback riding


  2. perderseto get lost


  3. practicar el alpinismoto fracture a shoulder


  4. el aire purooutdoors, fresh air


  5. broncearseto drown


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