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  1. accelerate
  2. ratify
  3. entice
  4. puny
  5. regal
  1. a to speed up, cause to move faster
  2. b to approve; confirm
  3. c to attract, tempt
  4. d of less than normal strength or size; weak, sickly
  5. e royal, kinglike; fit for a king

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  1. a difficult or painful experience; trial
  2. a petty objection; raising minor objections
  3. sad, gloomy, unhappy
  4. lifelike, vivid, relating to the pictorial arts
  5. having life, living; necessary to life; essential

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  1. flounderto thrash about in a clumsy or ineffective way


  2. gruesometo wear away gradually, eat away


  3. parchof less than normal strength or size; weak, sickly


  4. persistto attract, tempt


  5. bystanderone who looks on or observes but does not take part


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