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  1. expostulate
  2. transcend
  3. intercede
  4. lurid
  5. unctuous
  1. a [v]
    s: intervene, mediate
  2. b [v]
    surpass, outstrip
  3. c [adj]
    s: gruesome, gory, grisly, baleful, ghastly
    a: pleasant, attractive, appealing, wholesome
  4. d [v]
    s: remonstrate, protest, complain
  5. e [adj]
    s: mealymouthed, servile, fawning, greasy
    a: gruff, blunt

5 Multiple choice questions

  1. [n]
    s: alliance, league, federation, combine
    a: splinter group
  2. [adj]
    s: sated, surfeited, cloyed
    a: unspoiled, uncloyed
  3. [n]
    s: insinuation, intimation
    a: direct statement
  4. [n]
    s: pause, lacuna
    a: continuity, continuation
  5. [v]
    s: call forth, evoke, extract, educe
    a: repress, quash, squelch, stifle

5 True/False questions

  1. umbrage[n]
    s: irritation, pique, annoyance
    a: pleasure, delight, satisfaction


  2. prerogative[adj]
    s: perquisite, perk


  3. meritorious[adj]
    s: praiseworthy, laudable, commendable
    a: blameworthy, reprehensible, discreditable


  4. hackneyed[adj]
    s: banal, trite, common place, corny
    a: new, fresh, novel, original


  5. simulate[v]
    s: feign, pretend, affect


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