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  1. lineaments
  2. avocation
  3. turbid
  4. polymorphic
  5. imprecation
  1. a n. a secondary or minor occupation
  2. b n. the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil (and usually serves as an insult)
  3. c adj. having various forms
  4. d adj. (of especially liquids) clouded as with sediment
  5. e n. any of the features of the body, usually the face

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  1. n. being or coming from on high
  2. n. loud applause or strong approval
  3. n. cheap showy jewelry or ornament on clothing
  4. n. any two places or regions on diametrically opposite sides of the Earth
  5. n. exhaustion resulting from lack of food, lack of strenth or spirit

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  1. cerebrumadj. (of especially liquids) clouded as with sediment


  2. remitn. any of a number of related plants of a genus of the buttercup family, with cup-shaped flowers that are usually white, pink, red or purple


  3. fripperyn. night prayer


  4. adversativen. a secondary or minor occupation


  5. pestiferousadj. 1 bringing or carrying disease 2 dangerous to morals or to the welfare of society; noxious, evil


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