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  1. bridge
  2. dare
  3. pot
  4. seed
  5. electronic
  1. a 전자의
    I like having ?????????? devices such as an MP3 player.
  2. b 씨앗
    I planted the ???? in the dirt hoping that it would grow into a tree.
  3. c 다리
    The old ?????? fell into the river.
  4. d ~할 용기가 있다
    He ???? to jump out of the airplane and skydive.
  5. e 냄비
    Don't touch the ??? on the stove. It's hot.

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. 나뭇가지
    The monkey was hanging from a ?????? on the tree.
  2. 철학
    My ?????????? is `live and let live'
  3. 묶여 있는
    The knots were too ????? to untie.
  4. 그물
    The boy caught butterflies in his ???.
  5. 무게
    The little dog ????? exactly 3kgs.

5 True/False Questions

  1. inn여관
    The visitor got a room at the ???.


  2. sharp벌거벗은
    He likes to walk around in his ???? feet.


  3. cast던지다
    The fisherman ???? his line into the water.


  4. whisper속삭이다
    We have to ??????? in the library so people can focus on reading.


  5. bare벌거벗은
    He likes to walk around in his ???? feet.


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