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  1. left ventricle
  2. plasma
  3. immunity
  4. circulatory system
  5. antibodies
  1. a part of the blood; water (mostly), nutrients, waste, hormones
  2. b "chemical handcuffs" released by B cells that bind to a pathogen and disable it.
  3. c transports nutrients, oxygen and waste to/from the cells
  4. d memory B and T cells fight pathogens so we don't get sick
  5. e recieves oxygen rich blood from the left atrium and pumps it to the body (through Aorta)

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  1. how two neurons communicate
  2. protein (IRON) on the RBCs that carries oxygen to and carbon dioxide away from the cells
  3. controls sensory processing and motor responses
  4. relays visual and auditory information; controls muscle coordination
  5. gab between an axon (one nerve) and the dendrite of the next nerve.

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  1. dendritepart of the nerve cell that receives information and passes it to the cell body


  2. neurotransmitterchemicals that carry impulses across teh synaptic cleft


  3. normal blood pressuregaps in the myelin sheath


  4. Central Nervous System (CNS)transports gasses to and from the circulatory system


  5. schwan cellsproduce specific antibodies that bind to the pathogen and disable it; "MP's"


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