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  1. motor neuron
  2. B cell
  3. schwan cells
  4. neurotransmitter
  5. Parts of the respiratory system
  1. a produce specific antibodies that bind to the pathogen and disable it; "MP's"
  2. b mouth/nose, trachea, bronchi, alveoli
  3. c nerves that stimulate muscle and cause motion; output
  4. d cells around the axon that produce myelin
  5. e chemicals that carry impulses across teh synaptic cleft

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  1. gaps in the myelin sheath
  2. 120/80; systolic/diastolic
  3. recieves oxygen poor blood from the body (through Vena Cava)
  4. exchange of gas between atmosphere and blood
  5. Nerves that extend out from the CNS; made of sensory and motor neurons

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  1. Motor divisionnerves that stimulate muscle and cause motion; output


  2. immunodeficiencymemory B and T cells fight pathogens so we don't get sick


  3. diastolicpressure when the heart is at rest


  4. Aortapart of the nerve cell that carries information away from the cell body; one per nerve cell


  5. Central Nervous System (CNS)Relay and process information; made of interneurons; brain and spinal cord


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