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  1. antibodies
  2. external respiration
  3. antibiotics
  4. internal respiration
  5. interneuron
  1. a "chemical handcuffs" released by B cells that bind to a pathogen and disable it.
  2. b exchange of gas between blood and cells
  3. c nerves that process information; brain and spinal cord; have more dendrites than other neurons
  4. d kill BACTERIA only
  5. e exchange of gas between atmosphere and blood

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  1. involuntary response to a stimulus; mainly part of the PNS (doesn't involve brain)
  2. Relay and process information; made of interneurons; brain and spinal cord
  3. part of the nerve cell that is the location of the nucleus and organelles
  4. part of the blood; water (mostly), nutrients, waste, hormones
  5. how two neurons communicate

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  1. Helper T cellproduce specific antibodies that bind to the pathogen and disable it; "MP's"


  2. Vena Cavaspecial vein that carries oxygen poor blood from the body to the heart


  3. motor neuronnerves that stimulate muscle and cause motion; output


  4. Cytoxic T cells (Killer T)directily attack patogen by releasing digestive enzymes; "assassin"


  5. autoimmunitybody attacks itself


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