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  1. internal respiration
  2. Non-specific defenses
  3. diffusion
  4. platelets
  5. second line of defense
  1. a "The bad guys are in - open fire!"; macrophage, inflamation, fever
  2. b involved in blood clotting
  3. c exchange of gas between blood and cells
  4. d work against any pathogen
  5. e Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentrations

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  1. 120/80; systolic/diastolic
  2. combat one specific pathogen
  3. injection of dead/weakened VIRUSES so your body will produce memory B and T cells
  4. recieves oxygen rich blood from the left atrium and pumps it to the body (through Aorta)
  5. nerves that stimulate muscle and cause motion; output

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  1. macrophage"big eater"; identifies and eats pathogens, calls for help if necessary


  2. dendritecarry blood back to the heart


  3. Cytoxic T cells (Killer T)directily attack patogen by releasing digestive enzymes; "assassin"


  4. external respirationexchange of gas between atmosphere and blood


  5. veinsPart of the CNS that oversees body functions and interprets information


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