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  1. diastolic
  2. schwan cells
  3. arteries
  4. antibodies
  5. alveoli
  1. a "chemical handcuffs" released by B cells that bind to a pathogen and disable it.
  2. b cells around the axon that produce myelin
  3. c pressure when the heart is at rest
  4. d tiny air sacks in the lungs surrounded by capillaries where gass exchange takes place (diffusion)
  5. e carry blood away from the heart

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  1. transports nutrients, oxygen and waste to/from the cells
  2. tiny vessles that allow for diffusion of nutrients, Oxygen, and waste at the alveoli and cells
  3. mouth/nose, trachea, bronchi, alveoli
  4. gab between an axon (one nerve) and the dendrite of the next nerve.
  5. Relay and process information; made of interneurons; brain and spinal cord

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  1. reflexesinvoluntary response to a stimulus; mainly part of the PNS (doesn't involve brain)


  2. white blood cells (WBCs)involved in the immune response


  3. midbrainrelays visual and auditory information; controls muscle coordination


  4. Helper T cellactivated by the macrophage; then activates the B cells and killer T cells; "The General"


  5. nodes of ranviergaps in the myelin sheath


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