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  1. parts of the circulatory system
  2. antibodies
  3. immunity
  4. internal respiration
  5. diffusion
  1. a exchange of gas between blood and cells
  2. b heart, blood vessels, blood
  3. c "chemical handcuffs" released by B cells that bind to a pathogen and disable it.
  4. d Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentrations
  5. e memory B and T cells fight pathogens so we don't get sick

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  1. produce specific antibodies that bind to the pathogen and disable it; "MP's"
  2. "The bad guys are in - open fire!"; macrophage, inflamation, fever
  3. body attacks itself
  4. injection of dead/weakened VIRUSES so your body will produce memory B and T cells
  5. chemicals that carry impulses across teh synaptic cleft

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  1. first line of defense"Keep the bad guys out!"; skin, mucus membranes, antimicrobial proteins (in sweat) ...


  2. plateletsinvolved in blood clotting


  3. interneuronnerves that process information; brain and spinal cord; have more dendrites than other neurons


  4. anemiaRBCs have less hemoglobin so can carry less oxygen. This results in fatigue. treatment with iron rich foods (dark green veges, red meat...)


  5. Helper T cellactivated by the macrophage; then activates the B cells and killer T cells; "The General"


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