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  1. Title of Hephaestus
  2. Sacred items of Hera
  3. Title of Athena
  4. Sacred items of Artemis
  5. Title of Poseidon
  1. a
    god of the Forge
  2. b
    god of the Sea
  3. c
    goddess of Wisdom, of the City, of War, of Arts and Crafts
  4. d peacock, cow
  5. e stag, crecent moon, cypress

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  1. trident, horse, bull
  2. winged sandals, wand, winged helmet
  3. Juno

  4. god of Light and Truth, Healing, Archery, Music

  5. god of War

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  1. Sacred items of Athenaowl, olive tree, shield


  2. Title of Hermes
    Queen of the gods


  3. Sacred items for Zeusvulture, dog


  4. Title of Demeter
    goddess of the Harvest, of Agriculture


  5. Title of Zeus
    Queen of the gods


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